white morning

Winter weather arrived as expected. Yesterday it snowed all night and this morning when I woke up I saw that our yard was filled with snow. The white snow covered the tops of the trees, rooftops, sidewalks and the edge of roads is certainly a spectacular, exciting, especially for someone like me who is used to sun shining through the window almost 365 days a year (Except for some gray days of rain). I know my excitement is temporary and in a few days when the snow will pile up and become muddy, I’ll probably talk  differently… but until that happens, I give myself to contemplate the pure and refreshing sight of this.

In  my day off I decided to spend time in the gym, and after that I met some friends for lunch at a restaurant.

The snow that covered the whole town made ​​me want to select the red sweater. Mango did a great job because it is blended in perfectly with this pure white. As expected I folded the sweater with a very short floral skirt and combined it with a hat and scarf in shades of gray. In fact, the scarf was used more as a complementary but failed functional role – heat. As a staunch fan of fashion, the ideal of a harmonic combinations of clothes,  is the premium that gives the tone and everything around is in fact negligible. Minus 5 degrees will not break me …


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