Wearing white on Rosh Hashanah

Rosh Hashanah (the new year on the Hebrew calendar) always make me think about all the possibility of a new beginning and it’s always filled me with joy and excitement. One of the traditions for Rosh Hashanah is buying new outfit. For me it’s means that I can go for a shopping spree without feeling guilty. It’s customary to wear white in Rosh HaShanah because white symbolises purity, so I had this important mission: to buy new white clothes.

shana tova

There is something so refreshing and elegant about wearing white, especially among all the traditional fall shades. This season the creamier version of white is very trendy in the fashion world. I fall in love with this Victorian blouse from Zara. The nostalgic lace and the covered up silhouettes make it looks so romantic. designers like valentino and Alexander Mcqueen showed their edgy version in the Autumn/Winter 2015 runway shows.  

The all idea is to mix it up with a modern piece. I paired it with a silk culottes in a Berber stripe and a classic high heels both from Club Monaco . I think that white and black combination are always look classic and timeless, especially for an holiday dinner. So if white is not your favourite option, just pair it with black and you are done.



classy details


cm shoes


holidy new year

Top: Zara, Pants: Club Monaco, Heels: Club Monaco, Bag: Chloe


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