Toronto Fashion week- day 2 :Full skirt

In day of the Toronto fashion week, I decided to wear a white midi full skirt. As street style obsessed person, I fall in love immediately with this standout piece. I knew I had to get it for Toronto fashion week. I found the perfect one in Topshop. Once I pulled it up, I felt like a princess, but then my baby start to cry and my illusion vanished right away.

The skirt is the key item of my outfit, to avoid from looking too floppy and to give it a modern twist (princess apparently I am not..) I balanced out my full skirt with a crop boxy  top and sharp toe ankle boots. The shiny olive green satin top created a feminine feel while the long trench coat make the look effortless and ready for spring, even so it still freezing outside…I have tried to coordinated between different soft neutral palette that have the same shade. That way my look is more interesting but not loaded with too many colours.

Trench coat and ankle boots: Zara, Skirt and top: Topshop ,Bag: Olivia+Joy, Necklace: Snaps

More details about this look in Toronto Life and  in Fajo magazine














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