Timberland’s Modern Trail Gallery in East Room

When the temperature start to drop and the cold winter is almost here, there is no other choice but to invest in a high quality pair of boots. The long and harsh winter, which can last until April, require a practical thinking. Luckily, winter boots brands have brought in trendier styles, that not only made for the outdoor activity, but also look stylish than ever; one of them is Timberland.  The original  symbol yellow boots got a makeover and now you can also get this iconic shoes in a rich burgundy colour, which is perfect for the fall- winter days.

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While attending to Timberland’s Modern Trail Gallery in East Room to explore their Fall collection, including a sneak peek of their spring 2017, I met Bob Esplin, one of the Timberland’s management to learn from him about the brand’s success

Can you tell me about the current collection? What is the inspiration behind it?

Timberland collection deliver all day versatility and outdoor performance, that match the active urban life style and suit for everyday adventures.  The collection is inspired by colours and textures of a golden harvest and including more tailored and modern elements. The main goal is to combine between high performance and stylish design, alongside with eco friendly atmosphere, using recycled and organic materials in all our products.

How does the brand manage to combine between functionality and stylish design?

Timberland is a well known brand that exists over 40 years and never goes out of style. The Timberland’s classic heritage has been reimagined, creating a new day of the modern trail. We put all the efforts to deliver an exclusive technology that it is not only comfortable, yet still let you wear your favourite look according to the current trends and as a proof, the inspiring persona such as Drake and Stephan Curry have been wearing our shoes in every possible occasion.

What makes the company so special ?

Timberland is a very unique company, we like a big family and we all have a lot of passion for what we are doing. Not many people know that, but we are also having a voluntary service for the community.  From the process aspect, we are producing ethical, eco-friendly shoes which are chemical free and made from recycled and organic materials. We make sure to use less energy and water in our products.

Do you have a motto when it comes to shoes?

When it comes to shoes, we defiantly need to teach a man to think like a woman, carrying more pair of shoes for any occasion or activity. Also I truly believe that every girl need a pair of Timberland.

In your opinion, how do you describe the Canadian market?

The Canadian market is different from the US market, The people are more loyal and sophisticated, even if it can be quite challenging sometimes.  Since Toronto is a big city with a powerful impact on the market, we put a lot of effort to succeed here. The cold weather during the winter and the beautiful nature are the perfect platform for selling our high quality and waterproof products.

Photo: East Room
Photo; East Room
Photo: East Room

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