The real winter is upon us

The autumn was over, and the naked trees left orphans after the service the last of them, are proof positive that the snow is going to take everything good. Which means I’m not going to run more high-heeled shoes or boots to show off my new fashionable purchased last trip to the United States.

So before the snow Canadian deliver the best clothes are worth my hibernation deep in the closet and pull them to each winter, including the parka worn seen better days and Timberland shoes bombastic nature and not flattering acquired a pinch, here are some items that their combination is of great love and without considerations flooring.

Flowing satin skirt with golden spots Hkrtign integrates great with a furry collar acquired during the last five minutes left in me a break, during a hard day at the store.

Hkrtign balance the skirt look elegant and provides more Casuala not reserved only for the exit to the party.

I do not know if it’s under the influence of the holidays you blow backs of our necks and songs of Christmas are heard every possible place, but lately I find myself attracted to the colors shimmer, gold, silver and sequins (from a combination like the Festival of Lights a Christmas tree) Of course everything is done right dosage and with a touch here there. For very easy to cross the border at the trash and that I certainly avoids …

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