Temptation Sale

Christmas is upon us, which increases automatically for the holiday shopping obsession.

Clearly excessive consumer culture also directly affect me. How can you remain indifferent to any signs SALE perched proudly on the shop windows. I work in a large shopping center which forces me to deal every day with the constant desire to unleash it and just buy, buy buy …


This week I popped into Club Monaco and saw the price of my favorite skirt at the store. So far, I have refrained from buying it, not only because of the high cost but also because I have so many skirts in the closet that have been used only once or twice.

But now for $59, I decided to pull the skirt from its location on the rack spacing clothing store and let her squeeze into my crowded closet. The goal is to go get some air outside the home much more than other companien skirts.

Here are some pictures showing the new skirt out of the house with other clothing matching, more or less, the Canadian winter. This skirt is also quite possible to wear during the spring and summer with a thin shirt instead of a sweater.


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