Tel Aviv – The sleepless city

There is something so special about Tel Aviv that make me fall in love with this place over and over again, and not only because it’s my hometown. Tel Aviv is known as the sleepless city , with vibrant nightlife, coffee bars and the variety of excellent restaurants that open 7 days a week. The energy vibe of this amazing city is something that I miss the most.

When it’s come to clubbing, Tel Aviv takes it all, so I decided to take advantage of what the city has to offer and went out dancing with friends. It’s felt like I am in my twenties again, taking a quick relief from my busy life as a mother.


While I was in Israel last month, I went few times to a club called Q hotel. This club plays a current hip hop and dance music with a great atmosphere. While I was there, amazing pictures were taken there by skillful photographers. I totally love these pictures and decided to share these fun moments with you.

Photographers: Shani Cohen

Q hotel pic


q hotel



party q


Photographer: Ori Shahar

q hotel dance bar

vered q hotel

pic q hotel

clubbing q


anna q hotel

My outfits:

Green Dress: Club Monaco

Black Dress: Topshop

Top and Skirt: Mendocino

Floral Dress: French Connection


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