My top 6 trends on Toronto Fashion Week for Spring Summer 2016

World Mastercard Fashion Week, the biggest fashion event in Toronto, ended few weeks ago and I miss it already.  This breathtaking fashionable event has brought a variety of styles for the new spring/summer 2016 season. The Canadian multiculturalism has a great effect on the fashion industry, there are so many creative and talented Canadian designers which are coming from a different background, which leads to various ranging of styles. With a few common elements that stood out on the runways, I tried to pick the top 6 forecasting trends for the new season. Needless to say that I was so excited to take part of this amazing event and to find out what we are going to wear on Spring- Summer 2016.

See through fabrics:


There is no need to be afraid of showing a hint of skin. One of the dominant element I observed was the peekaboo details such as bold cutout details, lace and see through mesh panels.

Zoran Dobric Showcased an artistic collection with a unique cut-out pieces,that were dominated in his designs. Jacqueline Piron brought luxury and glamour to the catwalk, with delicate mesh details that can easily transition from day to night. Serpent & The Swan presented an electric design with soft sheer and lace details. UNTTLD, a luxury Canadian brand, who won the Mercedes-Benz Start Up contest, combine a see through elements into their femininity and timeless elegance collection.

Flower Power:

flower power

The best way to welcome the arrival of spring is with floral prints. The Canadian designers gave their interpretation to the spring bloom by experimenting with layers, textures and 3D prints.

Mikhael Kale which known for his attention to details, showcased an handcrafted combination of florals and richly textured fabrics, in shades of pastel green, pink and purple. Preloved created a playful and fun collection with hippie spirit, that included models who wore blooms in their hair and floral prints. Tatsuaki by Dan Liu brought a vibrant floral prints into his magical collection, with crochet and embroidery details, which influenced by his Chinese Japanese heritage. Stephan Caras presented a sexy elegance collection, with lace details and vivid floral prints from head to toe, combine with a feminine silhouettes in the form of crop top and skirts, pants and dresses.

70S trend:

Apparently the 70s fashion that has been around for several seasons, is still going strong for the upcoming spring season. Many designers showcased their interpretation to the wonderful decade, with elements that embrace the bohemian vibe.

Beaufille have shown that suede can be were also in Spring. My favourite piece was vest and trousers in rich brown made by suede. Preloved‘s collection was more hippie-boho with flare jeans and fringe details, that were featured in bags and belts. Hilary MacMillan‘s urban collection inspired by the 70s, with an amazing peacock pattern which made by silk. Pink Tartan introduced a full 70s vibe with retro inspired prints, and beautiful pieces like culottes and ponchos.



Spring Summer season is all about pretty pastel colours and rainbow bright hues.

Golnaz Ashtiani added a touch of innocent sophistication to her collection, with solid colours such as coral and lime green. Tatsuaki’s fantasy collection was dominated by shades as yellow and bubble-gum pink. Narces’s dreamy and romantic collection played with different textures and soft colours, like pastels and lace. The Australia’s newest brand Casper+Pearl showcased a gorgeous flirty details, most of them in shades of light and baby blue.

Black and White:

black and white

Black and white are always classy and timeless, but in the upcoming season, it’s seems like almost every designer in WMCFW seeing the world in black and white.

S.P. BADU combined black and white in his masculine futuristic collection. Leinad Beaudet‘s black and white pieces featured in a voluminous fabric which added European elegant feel. Jacqueline Piron presented a number of black and white looks in her luxury collection. The street-wear brand Kollar Clothing also introduced some black and white outfits in their simplicity yet super cool designs.



All photos above : credit to Getty Image

I guess Less is more when it comes to fashion in Spring Summer 2016. variety of designers were inspired by the unisex minimalist styles.

Sid Neigum known for his minimal and unconventional designs. His sculptural shapes and his origami details was perfectly combined into his minimalist approach. Ashtiani‘s collection described as a modernistic with clean-cut and minimalist details, made from organza and silk. Sig, the Australian brand that established by designer Kate Anderson, took a casual approach to the collection, with relaxed fit and simple shape lines. Laura Siege‘s clean minimalism line was shown by an easy to wear texture pieces that embrace femininity and softness.

Stephan Caras:

I attended to the Stephan Caras SS 2016 outstanding runway show and luckily I was sitting in the front row, so I had a fantastic opportunity to take these amazing pictures of his collection. Stephan Caras revealed a collection which feature flower prints and black & white combination, which are the key trends for the next season.

caras 2


caras florals

stephan caras black& white

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Interview with Serpent and the Swan|WMCFW SS16

Serpent and the Swan is an Australian boutique fashion label for men and women, founded by two talented sisters – Hayley and Lauri Smith. I went to see their SS 16 collection at World MasterCard Fashion Week, which they showcased their creative designs as apart of a group called Aussie Takeover for Convey, a Canadian boutique located in 754 Queen Street West, Toronto and specializes in Australian and New Zealand designs.


Serpent and the Swan

My interview with the designers

I started to follow Serpent and the Swan’s design just recently and I instantly fell in love with their visual aesthetic. I adore their individuality and the way they see fashion as a piece of art, inspired by the wild nature and the anatomy of living. 

To get to more details about the label Serpent and the Swan, I decided to interview the two creative designers: 

How Serpent & The Swan got started?

We decided to create our own fashion label after both of us were working in the creative industry for many years – Hayley head designing for global brands and Lauri creating limbs and monsters for various projects. we thought we should collaborate and create something truly unique.

The idea first came to us over a family dinner one night.  We decided to merge our creative abilities and backgrounds to create a label that is unique and expresses our joint visual aesthetic.

We both had full time jobs so every weekend we would devote to conceptualizing, designing & visualizing Serpent & the Swan.

Is it your first time in Toronto fashion week ? How was the experience ?

Yes, this is our 1st time in Toronto fashion week. We love Toronto, such a vibrant city! We actually have a little bit of our extended family living here too, which is great.  We were really happy with the show and think Convey Boutique did a fantastic job of putting it altogether.

How do you describe your SS 16 collection and what is  your inspiration?

We became obsessed with this adorable little moth called the Bombyx Mori which sparked off the inspiration for the collection which is reflected in our prints, colour palette and textures.  Moth’s also represent the idea of Metamorphosis so we played with that concept too in our silhouettes.

Which materials are the dominant ones in your current collection and what is your favourite fabric to work with?

Lots of leather and and interesting mesh layering pieces with splashes of a rich red. We also created a signature bone and moth print for this season. We love to work with mesh which has become an import part of the Serpent & the Swan brand.

What is your target audience and market ?

We have found that we have quite a varied audience (our customers has varied from ages 16 to 75 in the past) with most of our target market in the 25-40 age group. We suit anyone looking for something special that will last through the fashion trends and will be a quality piece you can wear for years to come.

What is your future plan with your label ?

We are starting to expand more into the overseas market such as Canada, USA and Dubai and we want to break into the Asian marketplace too. We have plans to open concept lifestyle stores so our customer and get the full Serpent & the Swan experience as well as expand our online presence and online store.

Beside the boutique Convey in Toronto, is there any other stores in Canada, which I can find your label ?

At the moment in Canada you can only find us in Convey Boutique but we also have an online store  and we ship to Canada too.

Serpent of the Swan- Che Rosales

WMCFW - Serpent of the Swan   Che Rosales

WMCFW SS16 - Serpent of the Swan   Che Rosales

WMCFW SS16 - Serpent of the Swan Photo- Che Rosales

WMCFW SS16 - Serpent of the Swan- Che Rosales

Photo credit: Che Rosales

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WMCFW SS 16: Day 1

I can’t believe fashion week is already over, time goes by so fast, when you are having fun! Even so, it was a crazy week, I had such an amazing time, and I met so many fabulous and fashionable people. It’s defiantly the most wonderful time of the year in Toronto. This season, World Master Card Fashion Week brought new faces and returning designers, which made it even more exciting for me.

day 1 wmcfw

Shopping for Toronto Fashion Week was quite challenging. My goal was to find outstanding pieces, which will suit the chilly days of fall and boost my street style outfit. The weather in October start to cool down, but still there are some warm days, which doesn’t require a coat.

My outfit for Toronto Fashion Week in day 1

For day 1, I decided to wear a velvet dress with no sleeves and an oversized knit jacket on top, sexy red heels and cherry cross-body bag. What I love about this look is the contrast between the oversized cozy jacket and the fitted dress, and also that fringe details, which capturing the movement of the dress while walking. The cheerful cherry prints brings fun and playful element to the whole outfit, and this is what Fashion Week is all about, having fun. 

Toronto fashion week day 1

wmcfw spring 16

wmcfw ss 16 1

wmcfw ss 16 details

wmcfw ss16

wmcfw details day1

wmcfw s 16 day1Dress: Mendocino, Heels: Zara, Jacket: French Connection, Bag: Ted Baker, Sunglasses: Marc Jacobs

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Interview with the designer Golnaz Ashtiani – Spring/Summer 2016

Golnaz Ashtiani  is a well appreciated designer, born in Toronto and studied design in London. Ashtiani is well known in the Canadian fashion scene. She won the Toronto Fashion Incubator’s Best New Labels for her A/W 2011 collection. She launched her label ASHTIANI, which became a big success and was presented eight times at the World Master Card Fashion Week in Toronto.

I came across with Ashtiani’s designs and immediately fell in love with her modernistic and futuristic yet feminine designs. I adore her abilities to create an unexpected combination with a use of multi-fabric construction, influenced by the classic sport-luxe elements.


My Interview with Ashtiani

I met Ashtiani in backstage after her runway show to ask her some questions about the incredible collection.

1. How was your experience in Toronto Fashion Week?

It is my eight time in Toronto Fashion week, so there were no surprises, but I was so excited to reveal my SS16 collection in Toronto fashion week.

2. What made you decide to return back to Toronto (from London) to introduce your collection?

There is no doubt that London and Paris are great places to introduce the collection, but I personally feel that Toronto allows me to showcase my collections with the best team around me, and I also think that there are great talented designers in Canada.

3. How you describe your SS16 collection, and how is different from the previous collection last year?

SS 16 collection is less exaggerated yet very fresh,the shapes and silhouettes are more refined, and the colours which are dominant in my collection are the pastels.

4. What is your inspiration and what are the things that inspired you?

For the current collection, I am influenced by the early 90s with the image of an innocent girl on my mind, the designs are still modern and playful.

5. Which Materials are dominant in your current collection?

The materials I worked with for SS 16 collection are mostly Organza and silk, with a combination of fabric and textures.

6. Who is your target market audience?

My target audience are urban cool girls who have a sense of style.

7. What are the key pieces from your collection for the SS16?

Key pieces this season is Organza and silk and mixing these sheer light weight fabrics together.

8. Why did you choose a studio presentation instead of runway show?

Studio is a perfect choice for my needs – The live presentation let the audience experience the mood of the collection in the best way.

9. What is your future plan as a designer?

My future plan as a designer is to keep doing what I love the most and bring my passion and joy every time to my designs.


ashtiani collection

ashtiani s16


ashtiani s

ss16 ashtiani


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Toronto WMCFW- Black Fur Vest

The final day of fashion week is always bitter-sweet. I had such an amazing time, but I must say that the hardest part is to go back to the real life. Waking up from this stylish fantasy into my real work, as a mom to a 17 month old baby, who is the toughest boss :).

Fashion week 5

The last day in every fashion week is the last chance  to make a street style statements, and all the fashionistas there were  inspiring in different and creative ways. 

I decided to wear a black fur vest from French Connection , which feels so cozy but chic, and accessories it with a different shades of blue.

The fur vest is a great way to add an upscale touch to any look.  It’s look glamorous, but then very comfy.  

I love playing with textures and proportions ,especially when you choose a classy monochrome look.

The fur vest is the perfect piece to start with. I paired it with a galaxy jogger pants. To balance the sports luxe look, I finished with a bright blue heels, floppy hat. and of course, my Marc Jacobs’s luxury bag that I got as a gift from my husband to my birthday!

wmcfw 5 -fur

wmcfw 5

wmcfw day5

wmcfw 5 fur

fashion week day 5

wmcfw -5


Snapped by The korean Barber:

day 5


Fur jacket and pants: French Connection, Heels: Zara, Blouse: Club Monaco.  Bag: Marc Jacobs, hat: Urban Outfitters, bracelet: Forever21

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WMCFW- Toronto: Sporty chic

Finally after several raining days  in Toronto Fashion week , it was warm and sunny and the skies were bright.  The sunny weather made me so happy, so I decided  to wear some bright colours. I accessorized my sweater and leather skirt with bright pink clutch and white runners. Runners with full skirt sound quite bizarre I admit, but actually nowadays being sexy is all about feeling comfortable.

flat trend1

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WMCFW Toronto – Boho Style

For the second day of fashion week I was hopping  for a bright sky but  the weather was still cold and rainy. It was quite annoying but  I am not complaining! Fashion week is the most exciting event for me, and I am feeling so lucky to get invitation for all these amazing shows.

boho chic

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WMCFW – Toronto: Poncho Day

Toronto fashion week is finally back and I was so excited to attend the first day of this biggest fashion event. I’ve tried not to let the rainy weather ruin my enthusiasm. I even caught myself singing “Rain, rain go away” but it didn’t work out… Despite the gloomy weather the tent was crowded.     I was surrounded by so many stylish people that came to see the runway shows at World mastercard fashion week.

mix prints 6

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Relaxed day

The Toronto fashion week is over. It was absolutely incredible being there and taking part of all the fashion celebrations. Now that I got back to my real life and I have more time to spend with my family, my outfit is more relaxed and casual, But even with a sneakers and loose fit pants, you can still look stylish and trendy. I love the pastels and I feel like I can’t get enough of them. Hope they will bring the spring…


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