In the shadow

Unfortunately I can’t go out at night as often as I wanted. As a mother for two, I am too exhausted to have a busy night life. But still, I  have the urge to wear dressy dresses. My addiction to shopping doesn’t skip the evening section, I love this French Connection dress because it’s versatile and can take you from day to night, it’s all about the accessories that define the outfit. The all idea is to take  an evening wear and dress it down.  I wore it with flat gold sandals and leather vest. The fringe bag (which I found in my closet after the wardrobe cleaning) gave the look a boho vibe.


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Blooming affair

I absolutely enjoy the springy weather outside. The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming. Everything seems to work out just fine, I even tend to forget my every day difficulties for few second, or until my baby start to cry/scream. (that’s mean: Back to reality)

fashion blooming



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It’s all become clear

Wearing white on white is timeless and never go out of style . I love the pure colour which reflect me the minimalist style.  The best way to wear white head to toe, is to mix between textures, patterns and layers.

white vest

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I am definitely a city girl, so this is the why I love the downtown so much. Walking around the downtown, with all the shops, restaurants, galleries and coffee bar really make me happy. I can’t imagine myself living in a country. There is something about the vibe and the accessibility in every day life that attract me so much, and of course  the shopping… how can I forget it!


When I pick an outfit. I  am always searching for something that gives extra character to the look. As an urban girl, I love the mix of edge with casual and comfort.  I got the midi skirt from Cala (fabulous boutique in Tel Aviv). The vintage style of the delicate crochet skirt and the cool biker jacket are a perfect match. Opposites attract, apparently it is not just a cliché. Another purchase from Israel is the fringe backpack  from Pull and bear. This backpack keep me on trend, as it must-have accessory for spring.  I love pieces that are versatile and comfortable yet super stylish. I have already wore this bag several times, and for a fashion lover like me, it’s a real success.


lace and biker jacket1

skirt lace

lace, fringe and leather

lace skirt and jacket

lace skirt


the korean barber bloor st

Thanks a lot Jun from The Korean Barber for the great shots!!!

biker jacket 1

Lace skirt: Cala fashion, Biker Jacket: Urban Outfitters, Polka Dots knit: Club Monaco, Heels: Zara





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Relaxed day

The Toronto fashion week is over. It was absolutely incredible being there and taking part of all the fashion celebrations. Now that I got back to my real life and I have more time to spend with my family, my outfit is more relaxed and casual, But even with a sneakers and loose fit pants, you can still look stylish and trendy. I love the pastels and I feel like I can’t get enough of them. Hope they will bring the spring…


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Toronto fashion week- Day 3: Girlie with an edge

In day 3 of Toronto fashion week, my ladylike mood got even stronger. I decided to wear my Zara full skirt.I love the feminine silhouette that flared at the knee and tight at the waist. I wore it with a romantic Knitted lace shoulder jumper, but then, just when I was about to leave my home, I felt that I might look too girlie, so to had some sophisticated edge, I changed my shoes to an ankle boots (the rain outside made me believe that I have done the right choice) and  of course I didn’t forget my favourite floppy hat that evokes a bohemian feel to the total look .

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Toronto Fashion week- day 2 :Full skirt

In day of the Toronto fashion week, I decided to wear a white midi full skirt. As street style obsessed person, I fall in love immediately with this standout piece. I knew I had to get it for Toronto fashion week. I found the perfect one in Topshop. Once I pulled it up, I felt like a princess, but then my baby start to cry and my illusion vanished right away.

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Toronto Fashion Week- day 1: Pastels

Toronto fashion week is my favorite event of the year. For someone who breathe and live fashion, this stylish event is an heaven. This is the place to let my creativity flow and get inspired by all the fashionable people who share a great sense of style. The only thing that undermining my happiness was the chilly weather, which lead me to change my outfits planning. In day 1 the weather was extremely cold and windy, that hasn’t stopped me from wearing spring colours, but to beat the winter chill I was wearing layers. I love pastels colours, so I have tried to build an outfit that combine between two shade of light baby blue (biker jacket and skinny pants) and powder pink (peplum top). To add some contrast to the trendy look, I wore sneakers. It’s also functional, I needed a comfy shoes for taking the subway afterward. Back to my real life …

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Toronto fashion week- Day 2

As a fashionista I love to experiment and be fashion forward. Fashion week gave me the opportunity to let my creativity break out by adding my own twist to the current trends. Be daring and pair unexpected pieces together and playing with patterns, textures and colours, without worrying what other people will say. Ok, it’s also gave me a needed break from being a full time mom.

The pants becomes the statement piece of my outfit because of the bold blue and black graphic prints and I thinks it’s works well with the black blouse and the black leather vest .The second statement piece was my sunflower necklace which had fun and cool vibe to the urban look. The white coat with the black sleeves kept the look modern and harmonic.

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