just keep swimming: RIpley’s Aquarium

Ever since I remember, my son Tom has always loved the sea world. it seems the fishes movement along with their silence, makes him so happy and relaxed. I think it’s the silence under the water that makes him so peaceful. Even though new experiences can be very difficult for children on the spectrum, I was quite sure that Tom will have an amazing experience, discovering his own underwater adventure in at Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada.

Needless to say that I was completely right. Tom was fascinated by the amazing aquarium and he didn’t want to leave the place. The Aquarium which features North America’s longest underwater, allow the kids to experience the real sea world, by walking in the underwater tunnel and observing the wide range of species, as jellyfish, horseshoe crabs, sharks, and more ,that surrounded him.

Another thing that I love about Ripley’s Aquarium is that they have table work, Interactive games and a fun playground, inspired by the ocean, that allow my kid to play, run and unleash is endless energy.

In my opinion, not only that a day in aquariums can be educational for children on the autism spectrum, but it can also help them to be more  only calm. There is something about this relaxing place, which may help reduce anxiety and melt-downs, but it’s not that. I truly believe that the connection to animals and touching them can build their confident and their own self-esteem .

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Animal Magic – Fun experience in the farm

Summer had finally arrived and there are so many fun activities for kids. Finding a place which will fit my autistic son needs, can be challenging, simply because I have to find the right destination, which will not be too noisy or too crowded. A place that will provide a a calm environment, like a wide field, where he can run and play.

My son was diagnosed with autism in high function two years ago and since than I was determined to continue with my regular life and gives my son the opportunity to enjoy and explore all beautiful things in life, like family trips, fun activities, and not let the autism come in my way on achieving these family goals.

Since my son really loves animal and enjoy watching them, we decided to visit a local farm- Bronte Creek near Oakvile, just about an hour from Toronto.

This farm was the perfect place for my son. He had so much fun feeding the chickens with seeds, which provided by the farm and the goats and rabbits with grass. Also playing in the country style indoor playground gave him the opportunity  to play with other kids and to release his endless energy.

I felt that this day trip in the farm and in the open field gave him a lot of confident and makes him more relaxed and calm. I defiantly think that its important to let your child experience new things and not be afraid of taking him out from his comfort zone from time to time.

What I wore: red jumpsuit: French Connection, bag and shoes: Urban Outfitters

My son: GAP Kids 

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