A great way to boost your energy

Recently I felt that my energy level decreased, being a full time mom, especially during their summer vacation requires me to be very active and energetic. I decided to break my coffee habit and look for another alternative to boost my energy.

I found out that teatoxes are apparently very popular at the moment. If to be honest, I was a little nervous to start drinking tea as I’m not much of a tea drinker, so I decided to do some research in order to find the perfect teatoxe that will meet my needs. I found a great company called Your Tea, which provide range of unique organic herbal teas for any mood and body needs. I got the tiny teatox that helps to renew energy levels.

love this tea

My experience with  the teatoxe from Your Tea

I really enjoyed the delicate natural taste of this tea, that contain all natural Chinese herbs. Other benefit, it’s also help to loss weight, since it stimulate the metabolism.

Within two days, I noticed that I have more energy and it also help me to reduce the stomach bloat, I am tend to suffer from, especially after having an heavy meal.

I must say that my teatox experiment was very positive. This will will not stop my habit of drinking coffee, but I will defiantly be more aware of healthy lifestyle and contain herbs tea into it.

cup of tiny tea

your tea1

tiny tea

tiny tea post

yours tea happy

your tea 1

your tea2Denim top: Mango, Flare jeans: Zara, Shoes: Zara, Watch: Massimo Dutti, Bracelet: Charm Charlie

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Spring Up

I like when women blur the line between masculine and feminine silhouettes, it’s add an interesting twist to an outfit. It’s playful and edgy. When it’s come to fashion, it’s better to dare than be boring… Life is all about taking chances!

spring up  

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It’s all become clear

Wearing white on white is timeless and never go out of style . I love the pure colour which reflect me the minimalist style.  The best way to wear white head to toe, is to mix between textures, patterns and layers.

white vest

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Pyjama Day

Did you ever feel like walking straight from bed into the streets? There are some days that even I feel too lazy to get dressed! I think I found the solution: wearing my pyjama suit, which I got from Zara last season and I never had the courage to wear it as one piece. Pyjama inspired outfit continue to be one of the hottest trend and after I so Marc Jacob’s sleepwear-inspired look for fall 2013, I got the confident  to try it on myself. In order to avoid looking too sloppy, I wore it with my Massimo Dutti’s high heels and my Marc Jacob’s luxurious bag. That way the pyjama suit got the glam treatment I was looking for… I think the contrast between the comfy relaxed suit and the elegant accessories can make the look standout.   

 Pants, Blouse and Blazer: Zara, Bag: Marc Jacobs, Heels: Massimo Dutti, Necklace: swarovski

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Just another rainy day

There is nothing like a relax weekend with my family in a big modern city:Dusseldorf. The only thing missing was the sun.The rain was falling nonstop, but it didn’t  interfere my culinary experience: Mongo’s, a great Mongolian barbecue buffet and Wonton, my favourite espresso bar in Germany (actually not only in Germany… in Luxembourg too).

I decided to wear something comfortable that will allow me to walk down the streets without ruining my clothes (ok… so my suede booties was the only item that was in danger to lose his attractiveness and become a neglected pair, but luckly it’s survive). I love wearing relaxed boyfriend jeans with a feminine piece like heels or  classy blazer. It’s create a stylish and cozy look at the same time. I recently purchased this tribal print scarf  from Zara, to add more interest to the entire look and also to hide my growing belly… 🙁  Have a great weekend!

Jeans: Mango, Coat, Booties and Scarf: Zara, Sweater: Massimo Dutti, Bag: Michael Kors



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Mustard and Fringe

I thought the winter is behind us but I was wrong. The snow is here again and it feels like the spring doesn’t have any plan to arrive in Luxembourg (not even for a quick visit). Unfortunately I had to return back to my heavy winter coat and boots this week.

These pictures were taken few weeks ago and the weather was much better then now. I ordered this A line swing coat from Topshop website in a really amazing price (around the winter sale time). I love the 60s inspired coat and I am so glad that this spring the silhouettes of the ’60s mods are making a comeback .This mustard coloured coat is light and easily goes from winter to spring. I wore it with a striped black and white silk blouse (Massimo Dutti) and fringe sneakers (Eden). Fringe is one of the ’70s Boho symbol. Mixing between two decades can be an interesting choice which gives a retro feel to my outfit… Hope you like it:)

Coat: Topshop, Blouse: Massimo Dutti, Bag: Guess, Necklace: Morgan, Sneakers: Eden shoes, Hat: Guess, Pants (old): Mango




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Baroque style


My new look is inspired from the baroque style. Baroque is relating to the history of art and architecture which developed in Europe long time ago, during the 17th century. I guess living in western Europe, the culture and the architecture have a major influence on my sense of style

Aquilano Rimondi F/W ’12

Dolce & Gabbana, F/W ’12

The gold baroque details create the dramatic- elegant look. I love the luxurious fabric and the oriental pattern because it’s gives a royalty effect (who doesn’t want to feel like a princes from time to time…) The Renaissance was the inspiraiton for many designers as Dolce and Gabbana, Aquilano Rimondi, Balmain and more. But until I will have enough money to buy a designer quality piece, I found this lovely bomber jacket from Zara. It’s can work with almost any style, but still it’s better to keep it simple. From that reason, I wore it with  a solid colour: black peplum dress. I added a bit of gold  into my outfit, my tights, my sunnies and my favourite boots from Massimo Dutti, which they have a metal -gold part in the toes.

Jacket:Zara, Bag: Morgan, Tights and Sunnies: Zara, Dress: Mango, shoes: Massimo Duti

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