The perfect holiday in Corporate Stays

The holidays are a great time for family bonding activities, either if you are celebrating Hanukkah or Christmas, one thing is for sure, there is no perfect way to do it rather than take a family vacation.

Last week we decided to take a quick break from the stressful daily life and go on a holiday vacation in the charming city, Montreal. Since I am a big city girl and so do my family, escaping from one big city, as Toronto, to another magnificence one, sound like a good idea. To fit our needs, we were looking for a roomy space in the heart of the downtown,with parking nearby and which will also be in a reasonable price. Needless to say that it’s not an easy mission. I was so glad when I came across the company Corporate Stays,  luxury rental apartments, which suit perfectly to families with kids. I love the idea that it has all the facilities hotel has to offer,like swimming pool and gym, with the convenience of fully furniture apartment, including a private underground parking (no need to worry about finding a parking spot).

We stayed in Corporate Stays for three amazing nights, that were totally what we needed, re-energize our mind in a modern yet cozy loft. If you are looking for a boutique hotel, this is the perfect place for you when you are visiting in Montreal. I am really admired from the design stylish room with the attention to all details. Full kitchen, a washer and a dryer, 42” flat-screen television, with cable and DVD player,luxurious Queen bed, hair dryer  and hair systems toupee and one of the most important thing for me, a roomy closet for all the pieces, I brought with me. It is like an AirBnB apartment but in a luxury hotel way  (a 24/7 emergency line and an office located inside the building for any question or assistance). Another plus, there was a little desk in our room with super fast WiFi, so my husband and I could worked effectively and catch up with our latest emails. could I ask for more?

Every day in our vacation, start with cuddling in the bed with my kids, while staring at the wide window, seeing the snowfall on the beautiful city. My husband cooked a delicious breakfast for us, thanks to the fully equipped kitchen and I was in charge of bringing the cappuccinos from the restaurant-coffee bar called Fiorellino, which was just around the building. If you are a pizza lover, this is the place for you! The chic and modern place which function as a snack bar by day and as an Italian restaurant by night, are having one of the best pizzas I’ve ever tasted in Canada.

Here are some great moments from our dreamy vacation, Seeing these pictures defiantly make me wanna go back in time…

bob wigs
What I wore: Necklace and bracelet: Topaz
Blue sweater, fringe skirt, wool jumpsuit and silk top: Club Monaco
Shoes: Zara
Bob Wigs: Addcolo
Green sweater: Topshop
Clutch: Michael Kors
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Looking stylish yet comfortable

As a mother of two energetic boys, which means tons of sport activities in the park, I always tend to wear effortless pieces, without skipping on my own personal style. Few years ago I used to wear high heels on a regular basis, bu I had no other choice but changing this habit, once I realized that running after my sons with stiletto is quite impossible. I must admit that I am actually love the idea of wearing sneakers, mainly because it adds this cool vibe, and it looks great with almost any outfit you paired with. The daily basis activity with my two precious kids, really changed the way I am dressing and the way I see fashion. Functionality and fashion can defiantly go hand to hand.


Geox shoes is the proof that footwear can be comfortable and good looking at the same time, both for my kids and for me. Clearly you don’t need to give up your style by the name of comfort.
I got these white wedge sneakers because it’s a versatile option to go from day to night. the sneakers has a breathable technical fabric, so I can wear them all day long without loosing any aspect of comfort. The hidden wedge, provide an illusion of height and it’s also a perfect way to add a touch of femininity to any casual look.
geox wedges

My son’s eyes caught these Jr Wader sandals, which are made of unique technical fabric and they are also water-resistant, so it will suit for all of my son summer activities, but not only…

geox kid


geox outfit post

geox shoes

family geox

geox sneakers

outfit postShoes: Geox, Denim shorts: Zara, Shirt: Club Monaco, Sunnies: Marc Jacobs, Backpack: Michael Kors

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