Kimono in the winter

Lately I become obsessed with kimono. Unfortunately it getting freezing in here, so I can’t wear them anymore. As a fashionista I found a creative solution:  A knit kimono from Urban Outfitters. I love the gorgeous floral prints, and I think that this kimono is the perfect way to add a little boho chic to any winter look.
kimono winter
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Work of art

This summer the art inspired print, especially the abstract splatter effects makes a bold statement. The vibrant prints can be a little intimating in first sight, but by pairing them with a simple solid colour top and shoes, the look you create is trendy but not over the top. I bought my new stylish Zara pants for only 29$ (in stead of 79$), so even if I will get tired of this prints, at list I didn’t send too much…


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White kimono

The long kimono jacket is (also) one of my favourite piece this summer. Kimono is the absolute bohemian statement piece and it’s a great  way to add singularity, and of course stylish boho touch to any casual look.  The first time is saw this lightweight, knee-length white kimono was when I cross by Urban Outfitters  store and saw it on their display. It was defiantly love at the first sight.   


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summer breeze

Summer has already arrived in Israel.  The sunny days and the warm weather instantly make me want to wear pieces that are flowy and comfortable yet feminine . This Urban Outfitters’s floral kimono is the perfect answer. I love the fluid movement, especially with the breezy winds and the hippie vibe that the kimono creates.


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