How to embraces the past with the 70s inspired jumpsuit

These hot summer days and the humid require easy to wear pieces that keep you feeling fresh but fashionable. The best way to do it, is simply by wearing a light weight jumpsuit. I love the fact that it takes absolutely minimal effort to look stylish, even when I am in rush.


70s inspired jumpsuit: A must have piece for summer 2015

As I mention in my previous posts, the 70s inspired boho look is very trendy this summer, so I decided to go on a shopping spree  in order to find the perfect jumpsuit. I know I do shopping on a regular basis, but now I had a mission. My goal was to find a cool retro jumper in a reasonable price. 

When I am in Israel I am always shop at Mango clothing store, since there is no Mango in Toronto anymore.

I found this Mango’s jumpsuit, which is perfect for getting the bohemian look. These paisley prints,along with the wide legs and the earth tone colours boosting that 70s feeling and the hippie-chic look.

Beside drinking a lot of water, apply sun screen and stay away from the strong sun, dressing up with breezy and airy materials is not less important.

Here is my 70s inspiration boho look:

70s jumpsuit

mango jumpsuit

sea side jumpsuit

sea side

seaside view

jumpsuit 70sJumpsuit: Mango, Sandals: French Connection, Bag: BEBE, Sunglasses: Gucci

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Fringe: must have piece for summer

The best part of my summer vacation in Israel is to finally see my family and friends and of course to enjoy the relaxing time in the sun. The packing part was defiantly the challenging one. I couldn’t make up my mind which pieces I should bring with me and which ones I should give up. It’s not an easy mission for a shopaholic like me, who need to deal with so many clothes option and only one suitcase. In the end I decided to bring less then I plan and buy more stuff in Israel. There are some great stores and talented local designer that are worth to spend the money for.

fringe 5

Fashion tips for summer vacation:

Light weight summer dresses and skirts are must for any summer vacation for the beach or for going out at night. This season there is one more trendy piece that scream summer: Fringe. I love fringe because it one of those little details that instantly upgrade your look and it’s also bring a chic bohemian vibe.

My fringe obsession is only getting stronger. I tend to get tired of clothes and trends, but apparently fringe is not one of them,

The fringe detailing can be featuring on everything, from tasseled hemlines on skirts, dresses and pants to accessories as sandals or bags.

I have decided to put together an outfit that express my love to this flirty trim: Fringe on fringe. My fashion forward appearance included white bag and this new Zara’s black lace top both with fringe. I matched it with mini floral skirt and wedges.

Since fringe can easily look like a costume piece, it better to pair it with something minimalist or modern.

fringe 2

fringe 3

fringe 6


fun 1



happySkirt: Zara, Top: Zara, Sandals: French Connection, Sunnies: Italia Independent, Bag: Aldo

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Summer must have: Denim dress

The best way to update your wardrobe is with a fresh dose of denim. As you probably saw, I never get tired of this fantastic fabric. All you need is to pick your favourite one from the wide range of denim.

Now as the temperature rise, especially here in Israel, I feel that it’s way too hot wearing jeans, but no worries, I found a great alternative to jeans: The denim dress!

denim dress1

How to wear denim dress:

my favourite item for this season is the denim dresses. It comes in variety of shape, which can flattering to any body type, it combine perfectly with other colours and patterns and also never goes out of style.

I think that denim dress is an essential piece that every women need in her closet. If I should pick one thing from my wardrobe that I could say that is a “throw on piece”, it must  be this Topshop’s denim dress. It’s so easy to just throw it on and it’s instantly create that stylish cool look.

For a fashion forward look, I paired this feminine dress with a gladiator sandals, backpack and statement bracelet and necklace.

denim dress 2

denim dress

denim trend

denim dress 4

denim details

denim dress3

sandalsDress: Topshop, Sandals: BCBG, Backpack: French Connection, Necklace and Bracelet: Miriam

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Fashion tips on how to mix colours in Summer

It’s that time of the year that all I can think about is on my next summer vacation in an exotic destination. Actually in a few days I will be landing in a sunny destination called Israel (or should I say my real home), to visit my family, which I miss so much. I haven’t packed already, but there are things I know for sure I’ll bring with me.

It is the perfect opportunity to inject some colours into your wardrobe and wear all these vibrant hues. Just pick on of your favourite rich colours, which will bring freshness to your outfit and create standout outfit combinations. There are so many colour options out there. You can play with soft pastels meets bold colours, mixing between prints and patterns or rocking with a colour blocking, anything that will keep you away from playing safe: wearing black.

blue and red smile

This summer I’m defiantly feeling in the mood of trying on new stuff together.

Tips on how to combine colours

My outfit: blue and orange

Red orange and classy blue are the must-have shades of the summer, and they are also seem to get along which each other.

I got the shirt from French connection recently. I love the sporty silk top, thanks to the striped side detail. 

I paired with with my Zara’s red orange midi skirt and other blue accessories.

The all idea was to create high contrast. I picked two complimentary colours that opposite to each other.

You can use a third colour, that its function is to highlight the former two.

blue red


blue and red3

blue and red1 blue and red details

summer blue redSkirt: Zara, Top: French Connection, Sandals: Zara, Bag: Charming Charlie, Hat: Urban Outfitters, Sunnies: Zara, Bracelet: BCBG

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How to dress all white with a style

As a fashion addicted I am always trying different looks and I love experience with my style, so this look was all about getting out of my comfort zone. Rocking all white was always scares me. I add the feeling that white might wash me out, and also make me feel like I am overdressed. There are so many rules about how to wear white, but I truly believe that fashion is very individual thing. I learned that the only rule in fashion is that there are no rules.

all white

Tips for wearing all white

White is the perfect way to brightening up your summer wardrobe. Monochromatic look doesn’t mean being boring. In this look I decided to go with my instinct and combine between textures: cutwork skirt with a embroidered top with fringed hem.

I paired it with a white open toe shoes and beige backpack, that help to maintain the monochromatic style. Nude colour combine perfectly with white, so wearing white clothes with neutrals accessories as camel and beige can upgrade your look.

Since it was a bit chilly outside I wore it with the most versatile item: denim jacket. Early summer is a great time for denim jacket, plus it adds a casual layer to any white outfit.

white 2

white and denim3

white and denim4white and denim1white1Skirt: Zara, Top: Zara, Denim jacket: Mendocino, Shoes: Zara, Necklace: French Connection, Sunnies: Zara, Backpack: French Connection


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Jumpsuit – A must have piece for summer 2015

With the arrival of warmer weather, it’s time to refresh my wardrobe with a summer statement piece: Jumpsuit
The jumpsuit was very popular during the 70s, so clearly (with all the 70s influences) this one piece become a must have this season.


My jumpsuit

I’ve always had a weakness to jumpsuit, so you can guess how excited I was, when I found this strapless overalls on French Connection last weekend. I didn’t plan to buy another jumpsuit, but I couldn’t resist. I love the sporty cool silhouette and the bali tropical print, which is perfect for the summer days. The lightweight fabric make it so easy to wear and it’s also versatile. You can dress it up just by adding a statement necklace and high heels.

As a busy mom, sometime I just want to look stylish without beating my brains out. Simply throw this jumpsuits with a flat sandals and you are ready to go, or in my case, ready to run (after my boys… )

summer jumpsuit

happy summer


My Backpack

Lately, I’ve had this thing with backpacks. This sports luxe bag from French Connection caught my eye immediately.

For an effortless and eclectic look, this white bag is all you need during the hot season and not only… After all white is always classy and timeless choice.

packpack and jumpsuit

printed jumpsuit

white backpackJumpsuit: French Connection, Sandals: Aldo, Backpack: French Connection, Bracelet: Forever 21, Sunnies: Zara, Watch: Guess


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Go green

On Monday we celebrated Tom’s birthday in Dave and Buster. My little baby turned two years old, I can’t believe how fast they growing up. Time really does fly, but no matter how old he gets, he will always be my baby.

I had to wear something vivid to celebrate the happiness and joy (and sleepless night ) my son brings into our lives.

bright green

Bright colours trend in the Spring-Summer time

Bright green become a very popular colour this season and I am getting obsessed too. I never thought I would wear this bold hue, but as you know in fashion never say never…

I fell in love immediately with these French connection’s trousers. This leafy green shade is very refreshing and add cool vibe to any spring look.

Because of the eye catching colour, I teamed these pants with a white ensembles: peplum top and kimono with a lace details. When wearing brights, keep in mind that these vibrant colours really pop up against white.

I truly believe that strong hues are not only for a fashion’s risk takers. Everyone can incorporating more colour in his outfits, especially during the spring-summer season.

green pants

green a d white1

green and white

white backpack

tom birthday

tom and me
Pants: French Connection, Top: BCBG, Kimono: Urban Outfitters, Backpack: French Connection, Shoes: Topshop, Sunnies: italia independent, Bracelet: Forever21


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The denim trend

One of my favourite trend this Spring Summer 2015 is all denim look.
Sometime I just wish I could wear denim all the time, for any occasion, now I am actually can. Many designers like Marc Jacobs, Valentino, Gucci, Chloe and so much more, showcase a lot of denim pieces during fashion week, and gave their own
interpretation to the timeless fabric, by bringing it to a new whole level.
denim details

Comfy and trendy outfit for busy moms

As a busy mom, I really need wearable clothes. This trend is making my life so much easier- Feel comfortable, yet trendy and up to date.
There are so many interesting ways to to wear this trend. From denim culottes, flared jeans (inspired from the 70s),dungarees, crop denim jackets and jeans, to more feminine piece as the mini skirts and dresses, all made from denim.

The 70s-inspired denim skirt is one of my absolute favourite pieces of the season. It’s a great timeless piece that every woman need in her closet. I can’t wait to get my hand of it…

Here is what I wore:

Denim shirt from Club Monaco with a boyfriend jeans from Urban Outfitters. I love the combination with a blue fringe bag, which blend perfectly with all the blue shades.


denim look

love denim

denim 1

denim trend

SLN_91791Pants: Urban Outfitters, Bag: Charm Charlie, Blouse: Club Monaco, Shoes: French Connection, Coat: Zara, Bracelet: Pro Village

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Bohemian fashion in WMCFW

It may have rained in the third day of Toronto fashion week, but that’s no excuse for failing of looking stylish.

There’s nothing worse than a rainy day on fashion week. Talking from experience, it can be fashionista’s worst nightmare, especially if you have done your hair at the same day…

I think I found a satisfactory solution: A hat.

tfw lace and skirt

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The wild side of Toronto fashion week

Dressing up for Fashion Week in Toronto was a challenging mission, just when I thought the spring had arrived, the extreme cold weather decided to appear again, which lead me to two option:

Staying with my plan outfit, which include a sleeveless dress and a light coat or go back to my old winter clothes.
As you guess, I choose the first option: freezing to death.

I am not going to let the weather ruing my stylish appearance, especially not in this exciting most fashionable event in Toronto.

Toronto fashion week - wild side 1

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