Before sunset

Recently I feel the urge to spoil myself (spending too much time with the kids maybe…),  so I’ve decided to go on  an online sale shopping spree. I found  great bargain deals everywhere, but I had to find my inner strength  to limit myself from spending to much…


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Ladylike mood

Recently I have the need to dress a bit more lady-like and less casual. It’s time to say goodbye to my flat shoes (but it’s only a short break, until my next post) and become a real woman. I think  that there is nothing classier than a pleated full midi skirt and high heels.


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Spring blooming

Celebrating my son’s first birthday was unforgettable and exciting day. I can’t believe that time flies so fast… I am sure I will miss these special moments from his first year.

tom and me

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summer breeze

Summer has already arrived in Israel.  The sunny days and the warm weather instantly make me want to wear pieces that are flowy and comfortable yet feminine . This Urban Outfitters’s floral kimono is the perfect answer. I love the fluid movement, especially with the breezy winds and the hippie vibe that the kimono creates.


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