Charming days of fall

Because I am terrified of the Canadian winter, I don’t really taking the time to appreciate the charming autumn. The short fall followed by an endless winter is probably the main reason, but there is no doubt that the fall is the most beautiful season, the crisp leaves and the changes of colours around creates this wonderful romantic scene. 


It’s quite warm here, so luckily I can still worn easy breezy dresses (I guess it’s not for long…). I love this dress because there is something so relaxed, yet the tailored details gives it a classy- pull together feel. I paired it with burgundy booties and light trench coat.


Celebrity Inspired Dresses

falldress-club-monaco fall-look-1kid


Dress: Club Monaco, Bag: Aldo, Trench Coat: Club Monaco, Bag: Chloe, Watch: Guess

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Fall 2015 is all about the 70s bohemian trend

Summer is almost over but the 70s fashion trend is here to stay. Fall 2015 is all about the retro and Bohemian feel with effortless looks and silhouettes. I am so obsessed with the style of the 70s, everything from the wide-leg pants to the culottes or the flowy midi skirts makes me feel so happy.

fashionable feminine

My 70s outfit

I got this midi skirt from my husband as a gift to my birthday and I totally love it, especially the feminine movement of this skirt and the jagged pattern. This skirt can look perfect with a pair of flats or trainers for an effortless casual look or with high heels that make this look more polished and pull together. I am usually wearing flats when I am with my kids, but this time I was in the mood of sexy heels and luxurious Chloe bag, not the best choice when you need to run after energetic little boys in the park, but sometime you need to sacrifice your comfort in order to look fashionable feminine.


feminine mood

flowy midi skirt

flowy skirt

ladylikeSkirt: Club Monaco, Knit top: Topshop, Bag: Chloe, Heels: Nine West

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My new Chloé Faye bag

I’ve had my eye on that Chloé Faye bag for such a long time. I have been seen this 70s-inspired bag with the ring buckle details on so many stylist and fashion blogger and I was hypnotized too. Chloé, one of my favourite designer, has succeeded to create the perfect bag, that combine between modern/clean lines with pure elegance. I decided to choose the black version, not only because it was the only colour in stock, but also because it goes well with everything. It’s classic yet edgy with the leather and suede combination.

trendy fall

When I think of 70s fashion (which is my favourite decade), I think of all the incredible fashion icons and the fabulous pieces they were wearing: Flare jeans, chiffon maxi dresses, floral prints, fringe, big sunglasses, platform shoes, fur and suede.

I am so glad that this boho chic look continue to be a major trend on fall 2015. What means a lot of shopping to do…

This time I was wearing my new Topshop’s floral kimono with the hottest colour of fall: Cognac brown. The warmer tone of these pants looks perfect with my new Chloe bag. I love how it’s giving me that boho fall look, which it seems like I will never get enough of…


70s fall look

chloe bag

fall trend

chole faye bag

70s trendBag: Chloe, Kimono: Topshop, Pants: Club Monaco, Top: Club Monaco, Shoes: Zara

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Spring Up

I like when women blur the line between masculine and feminine silhouettes, it’s add an interesting twist to an outfit. It’s playful and edgy. When it’s come to fashion, it’s better to dare than be boring… Life is all about taking chances!

spring up  

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Cness game

Tomorrow is my last day in Luxembourg! I can’t believe that we have been here for one year already. This was a significant year in my life but I am so excited to return back to my old life…(Toronto here I come again) I like traveling around the world but now I want to settle down. No moving for me anymore! (or anytime soon..)

Today I went to the centre and took some pictures of the city. It’s was the first time I felt like a real tourist and the feeling was amazing! I discovered some really great places, I never knew about their existence before. I wore a chess prints summer dress which was comfort enough for a city tour. Because of the statement prints, I kept everything else simple. Flat classy sandals, black bag with a golden chain and my favourite Chloe ‘s sunglasses. Sometime less is more. This is the classy and safe option which works perfect, especially when you don’t have the time to make up your mind what to wear, or in case the container took almost all your staff away…

Dress: Zara, Bag: Mango, Sandals:Zara, Sunglasses:Chloe, Bracelet: Forever21, Watcg:GC Guess

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keep in style… during pregnancy

I never thought that neon yellow will dominate my closet, but I keep find myself attracted to accessories and clothes that contain this vibrance colour, like my new two tone-white and neon sweater from Zara.  All it’s take is just a hint of neon to make you look stylish and fresh. And maybe this is my own way to cheer me up as I am getting closer to my due date, Which also mean that I feeling like a hippo!

 In my fabulous trip to Munich two weeks ago, I wore this sweater with my new denim biker jacket from Mango. The bleached denim jacket combine with pop of neon colour create a sporty chic look with a retro touch of the 80’s.

I spent two days in Munich, but I have already found a great place called Aroma, for fresh food and fabulous coffee

Denim Jacket: Mango, Sweater and pants: Zara, Bag: Guess, Sunglasses: Chloe


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my new Chloe sunglasses

Last week I flow to Eilat with my beautiful cousin,Vered. Once we arrived to the southern city in Israel, I become obsessed with buying a new pair of  designer sunglasses. I guess it was the relaxing atmosphere combine with a beautiful sunny day and of course the tax free which attract shopolic like me to spend more money on clothes and accessories. To the beach I didn’t go, it wasn’t warm enough to wear a swimsuit, and I had only one day for my important missions: to find my perfect sunnies  and  to get my hand on some  new pieces from the new spring collection that have  already been interduce everywhere…

Finally my eyes caught those Chloe’s retro inspired sunglasses in a dark purple, from their new collection. I have a big crash on cat’s eye design. It’s add a feminine – retro feel to any outfit! I can’t wait to wear them here in Luxembourg, when the sun will finally allow us to enjoy her appearance.

Meanwhile, here are some pictures (with the new sunnies) from my wonderful vacation!

 after day full of shopping, we were exhausted but happy:

Celebrating with my new dress (Zara- new spring collection 2013)

Sunglasses: Chloe, Top: Morgan, Pants: Zara, Bag: Guess, Bracelet: Topshop, Shoes: Mark Fisher and Aldo

Vered: Sunglasses: Chloe, Dress: Topshop, Bag: Nine West


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