My VIP tour in Universal Studio – Autism Awarness

There is no doubt that theme parks are heaven for kids and a great way for families to bond together, however for kids on the spectrum it can deliver potential crisis situations and meltdowns. Since my autistic son loves being in amusement parks, I am always trying to seek for creative ways to make a positive experience and prevent my child getting lost or being in anxiety situations.

Universal studio ViP tour – The best experience we ever had:

The VIP tour at Universal Studio Orlando was beyond all our expectation.

Since we had only one day to explore the huge park, the VIP tour was the ultimate solution, it covers everything we wanted to see, without waiting in the long lines , which is potential trigger for my kid meltdowns.  It also reduces the stress factor to the tour, because the professional guide creates the schedule for us according to our preference and explained what are we going to see., while learning some really cool facts about all the themes and rides.

About our tour:

Our tour guide Demi was amazing and made all the experience unforgettable. Demi was so kind and friendly; she knows so much about the park and related movies. Her enthusiasm and passion was undoubtable. She made my kids feel special and was very patient with my son’s needs.

The VIP Tour at Universal Studio is truly a VIP Experience and defiantly worth the money. Its saves you time and energy , No need to check the map , waiting on the lines, while deciding where to go or where to eat .

The VIP tour guide included the following:

  • 2 theme parks included – Universal Studio and Universal Islands of adventure
  • Complimentary valet parking
  • Priority front-of-the-line access to rides and attractions, including entry to the behind scenes
  • Complimentary breakfast and lunch, which was also super delicious
  • Discount at the shops and food

I was so delightful seeing my kids having so much fun at the park. I loved watching their reactions to new rides. Their happiness just made my day.

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Fun day in Wet N Wild

Theme parks during the summer time are the most fun activities for kids, however, I need to admit that for me its a love- hate relationship , because I don’t know what things will trigger Tom and may leads to meltdown. it can be a major success or a total mess. There is no in between. 

My both kids love water activities and therefore we decided to take them to Wet’n’wild Toronto. 

To minimize meltdown as much as possible, the day before,  I made a schedule for Tom and showed him which activities the water park has to offer. I love the fact that their online guide breaks down details about its rides, attraction and other things I should know before arriving. 


One of the thing I really adore in Wet’n’wild is that it’s clean and well organized. It feels so fresh thanks to the bright colours and the friendly atmosphere.  

Since Tom is terrified from splash pads, even though he loves to swim in a  pool,  I was impressed by the amount of slides which were accessible to him. His favourite one was the wide slides in the Wet’N’Wild Jr. area.  

My older son, Liam was amazed by the other adventures like the Hurricane and Typhoon, and the Crazy Kanuck, both are so sweeping and curving and Blast through high-energy water . 

The place is wide and has a lot of area to calm, also there are many picnic tables for eating and relaxing between rides.  My kids loved this place,  and I am sure We will be back again, probably this season. 

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My experience in MarineLand


There is something about dolphins and whales that makes Tom so happy.
The first time I noticed his fascination was when we visited Ripley’s aquarium. he got so excited by all the under water species, his joyfulness was absolutely undeniable, so we decided to take him to Marineland, which located in the city of Niagara Falls. Marineland is not only focus on a sea world, but also has an amusement park and zoo for land animals, so you can actually spend a whole day in the area.

Tom favourite part was petting and feeding the beluga whale. The look on his face said it all, He was listening to the Instruction of the trainer and followed the right steps. I was deeply moved when I saw how much fun he had getting close to the friendly Beluga, touching and feeding it. I defiantly think that it was an unforgettable experience for him.


When you have a child with special needs it can be extremely challenging to predict his behaviour.
Tom has difficulty in transition from one activity to another, especially when he is having fun, therefore after the amazing performances by dolphins, sea lions and whales, he didn’t want to leave the place and insisted to stay in the venue and to feed the dolphins. All the way to the car, he was crying and screaming “Everyone loves MarineLand”


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Spider exhibition in Rom Toronto

Whether you are planning a summer vacation or looking for a fun activity for the kids in the weekend , visiting the  museum is a perfect opportunity for families to bond. Kids love interactive places, where they are free to explore, create and learn.

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Animal Magic – Fun experience in the farm

Summer had finally arrived and there are so many fun activities for kids. Finding a place which will fit my autistic son needs, can be challenging, simply because I have to find the right destination, which will not be too noisy or too crowded. A place that will provide a a calm environment, like a wide field, where he can run and play.

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