Celebrating birthday in the big apple

One of the best place to celebrate a birthday is in NYC, so arriving to the big apple the night before was defiantly a pure happiness. There is nothing like NYC in the whole world, the vibes, the energy, the endless things to do….

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Sweater Weather

There is nothing like a wooly oversized sweater to warm up the cooler month, so when I saw this sweater from French Connection, I knew I will be living in it all winter long. I love the texture and the soft wool, which is so comfy. True to be told, I can’t wear a sweater that itches even if it a good looking one. I happen to have few knits that I barely wore because I  couldn’t stand the feeling of them, when it touched my skin.

To balance the oversized silhouette and to add some edginess to my look, I paired it with skinny jeans, that have these fringe details in the bottom. These sneakers with the high top cut are a cool alternative to ankle boots and they provide maximum comfort.

Sweater: French Connection, Sneakers: Adidas, Bag: Aldo, Jeans: Zara


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Charming days of fall

Because I am terrified of the Canadian winter, I don’t really taking the time to appreciate the charming autumn. The short fall followed by an endless winter is probably the main reason, but there is no doubt that the fall is the most beautiful season, the crisp leaves and the changes of colours around creates this wonderful romantic scene. 


It’s quite warm here, so luckily I can still worn easy breezy dresses (I guess it’s not for long…). I love this dress because there is something so relaxed, yet the tailored details gives it a classy- pull together feel. I paired it with burgundy booties and light trench coat.


Celebrity Inspired Dresses

falldress-club-monaco fall-look-1kid


Dress: Club Monaco, Bag: Aldo, Trench Coat: Club Monaco, Bag: Chloe, Watch: Guess

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When metallic jacket and striped skirt meets

One of my favourite thing about fall is layers. The feel of crisp chill in the air and the earthy colours of the autumn leaves evoke the needs of refreshing the wardrobe  with new pieces that scream fall like cozy sweater, leather pieces or rich fabrics like velvet The key is smart layering, pieces that not only keeps you warm, but also makes any outfit more unique and fashionble. The first step is own some basic shirts in neutral colours, which will blend perfectly with any other fall items.

silver-and-stripes-lookThe silver biker jacket is the star of this season. The metallic trend is hotter then ever, plus it’s a must have fall piece since it can work with any style.  I paired it with striped maxi skirt and burgundy ankle boots in order to create the ultimate fall look.

silver-and-stripes ball dresses nz silver-trend-1 vintage wedding dresses uk sliver-jacket-fallSkirt: Zara, Jacket: Zara, Boots: Aldo, Top: French Connection, Bag: Michael Kors

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The slip dress

As a teenage girl during the ‘90s, I defiantly remember all these slip dresses that were a big trend. It girls back then as spice girls, Brenda from Beverly Hills 90210 and Alicia Silverstone were all wearing this dresses over a T shirt. Now more then ever, this trend is making its’ way back  and I could not be happier. The silky bandage dress over a shirt evoke the cool grunge vibe, but in the same time it creates a put together, classy look.


I wore my Topshop slip dress with a basic black shirt underneath and pair it with furry loafers, my new obsession from Zara.

The black tee gives it a casual chic twist which also match perfectly to the early days of fall, but you can wear it with in varieties way, like coloured tees or patterns ones, with ankle boots or sneakers. This is what I love about this slip dress it’s a must have timeless piece.

slip-dress-90s-trend slip-dress-90s slip-dress-details Rose Bridesmaid Dresses

Dress: Topshop, Bag: Aldo, Shirt: French Connection, Shoes: Zara, Watch: Daniel Wellington



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Summer sale instead of dreamy vacation

Summer is in full swing in Toronto, in the last few days it’s becoming crazy hot and humid in here, although I know that I shouldn’t complain about the weather. Being outside with a heavy bulky coat and chunky boots during the cold winter season is definitely more annoying (and less stylish) then wearing a light weight summer dress, when you fully exposed to the blazing sun on these days when the humidity is too high.

off the shoulder

The warm temps along with the holiday atmosphere, elevate my desire for an exotic getaway, which I can’t afford right now. My dreamy vacation on an romantic island will postpone to another time. Meanwhile, I will cheer myself up with the summer sale that is already started. Zara here I come….

To beat the summer heat, I was wearing off the shoulder top with a flowy white skirt and a colourful strap heels, that added a fresh and playful touch.

summer look bold shoulder

summer look

outfit summer

summer sale

cross town

off the soulder top look

happy summer

Skirt: Club Monaco, Top: Zara, Backpack: Michael Kors, Sunnies: Italia independence, Bracelet: French Connection, Choker: Urban Outfitters

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Faux fur vest as an essential piece for Fall 2015

When I think of bohemian style, I think of fringe, suede, kimono and bell sleeves, ponchos, floppy hats, patchwork, ruffles, and of course fur vests. It’s seems like I can’t get enough of this boho trend, because I am simply adore every single element, colour or fabric that resemble the hippie 70s look.

fur and pleats

How to choose the right look with your Faux fur

Faux fur vest is one of the most stylish and luxe ways to keep warm during the chilly days of October. I love the cozy feel and the fact that it’s adding an extra layer of warmth to any outfit. If to be honest, the only issue I have with fur vest, is that it’s tend to add bulk. Needless to say that I have no desire to add unnecessary extra weight to my appearance, but I also believe that fashion is all about taking chances.

The key is balance, it’s important to wear something light and thin underneath fur. I am also suggest to play with pattern and textures, in order to create a modern and interesting look

I put this look together with a trendy fall pieces: oxford shoes and culottes pants. To keep the look soft and feminine, I wore it with a airy white shirt with a unique flirty details, that also embrace the 70s. I love the combination between femininity and masculinity. The luxe bohemian details get a modern twist with the ‘borrow from the boys’ shoes.  

fur vest

fur vest and culottes

fur vest boho

fur and shoes

fur details

fur lookFur Vest: Urban Outfitters, Oxfords: Aldo, Culottes: Club Monaco, Bag: Guess, Shirt: H&M

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The trend is back: Maxi skirt and short

The 90s fashion trend of skort had a moment two years ago, while I was still living in Luxembourg. I was totally obsessed with this trend, but since I’ve just gave birth at that time, I couldn’t acutely wear it (I had some belly fat to lose first). Right now, two years after I decided to give the skort a chance and wear it in a super sophisticated way.

maxi cm

What is Skort and where to find it

Skort is a combination between skirt and short and with a full length, make this one of a kind piece, looking so fresh and and sophisticated at the same time. The Club Monaco’s long skort was a love at first sight. The sporty yet sexy piece is a must have if you love wearing creative and unique fashion garments. In order to keep it simple, I wore skirt/short with a black crop top and sliders flats, but I updated the look with white oversized sunglasses and fringe bag, to give the look a little boho twist.

Another great thing about this skort is the comfort level. I love the idea of putting together a fashion forward outfit while staying relaxed and comfort. Need to run after my energetic kids… remember?

maxi look

maxi club monaco

maxi skirt

maxi skort

maxi summer look

maxidetailsSkort: Club Monaco, Sandals: Zara, Sun glasses: Smart-set – Italia Independent, Bag: Aldo, Top: Mendocino

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Easy breezy summer dress

In the last days of my vacation, Just before I flew back to Toronto,  it’s become very hot in Israel. I had to find a way to look chic while staying cool in the summer heat. I realized that a light weight sleeveless dress is the solution to my problem.

How to choose a summer dress

When choosing a summer dress, the garment is very important. Cotton is a great option, it’s extremely comfortable and allows your body to breathe. With all the current summer sale that surrounding me, I was lucky to pick this Zara everyday summer dress which is affordable (I was spending to much money on clothes recently) and also it’s an easy care dress with lightweight lining.

arena cotton

Leaving my homeland was so bittersweet. I felt sad to say goodbye (again) to my past, my beloved family and friend, but on the other hand, I couldn’t wait to see my precious little boy and my husband back in Toronto. I was definitely emotion overload for the past few days. Well,  I think I need to go on a shopping spree again…


arena denim dress

arena detai;ls

arena view

arena1Dress: Zara, Sandals: Zara, Sunglasses: Italia independent – Smart Set, Necklace: Forever21, Bag: Aldo

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Happy summer: Wearing yellow

Usually I am afraid of wearing yellow because of my blond hair and my yellowish skin tone, but somehow this sweet dress from Zara makes the colour work. I think it because of the golden tone and the simple loose fit, which is perfect for any occasion, and anyway it’s summer so wearing yellow is must….


yellow dress

How to wear yellow dress

Apparently the colour which I choose affected my mood, since I found myself smiling all the time. Maybe I should wear yellow more often!

I paired it with an Aldo’s fringe sandals and with my favourite timeless-elegant bag from Marc Jacobs. The flowing cut looks great with sandals for a casual day look, but you can also wear it with pumps or flats for work. Mixing yellow with neutrals, especially with white, create a balance look, which make the vivd colour shine.

happy summer

yellow dress tlv

yelllow dress



yellow dress happyDress: Zara, Bag: Marc Jacobs, Sandals: Aldo, Sunglasses: Italia Independent (from Smart Set), Watch: Guess

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