summer breeze

Summer has already arrived in Israel.  The sunny days and the warm weather instantly make me want to wear pieces that are flowy and comfortable yet feminine . This Urban Outfitters’s floral kimono is the perfect answer. I love the fluid movement, especially with the breezy winds and the hippie vibe that the kimono creates.


kimono pink

The white crop top and the high waisted pants add a fresh touch. They balance the outfit without compete with the statement kimono.


Fringe bag become one of the season’s must have item. what means that I must  have it too. The boho bag in a solid brown colour complete the modern vintage look . All the trendy elements are combine nicely together without overwhelming . I was inspired by the 70s, but by adding the white crop and the high waited pants I gave it a modern and up to date twist.

kimono t






Kimono and Bag: Urban Outfitters, Sandals: Aldo, Pants: Mango, Top: topshop, Necklace: French Connection

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