Spiral curve and leather

During our family vacation in Israel, while my husband and I were walking, just to enjoy the sun and the fresh air near his parents’s neighbourhood (taking advantage of the great weather, before leaving back to Toronto), I pointed out this wonderful location: Design Museum of Holon. I decided to take some picture with the spiral curve wall as a background.

The Museum was designed by the Israeli architect Ron Arad. I was fascinated by the powerful and unique shape of the building. Later I read that this modern museum was chosen by the tourism magazine “Conde Nast Traveler” as one of the new world wonders. 

ron arad

spiral curves

Since it was a warm sunny day. Just the perfect weather for spending time outdoors, I was able to wear a leather blazer and a leather wide pants, both from Zara, with no coat. Wearing leather from head to toe can be hard to pull off, but I think that the combination between cream jacket and black pants balance the powerful statement. Also the key for head-to-toe look is to wear it with non leather layers in between.









Blazer and Pants and Bag: Zara, Bracelet: BCBG, Shoes: Nine West, Necklace: Anthropologie





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