Spider exhibition in Rom Toronto

Whether you are planning a summer vacation or looking for a fun activity for the kids in the weekend , visiting the  museum is a perfect opportunity for families to bond. Kids love interactive places, where they are free to explore, create and learn.

As a mother of an autistic child with special needs, outings can be difficult sometimes, since my kid become easily overwhelmed, especially when it comes to new places . Since my son is a curious boy, who loves to explore and to learn new things, I decided to visit  Rom Toronto museum, which is offering sensory sensitive visitors with autism.
The museum lobby has a slight slope, as well as some of the angles of the floor and the walls, which helps my son to adjust to the new environment  and to find his own quite space when needed.
Also, the museum is accessible by ramp and elevator and the staff members are so friendly and happy to assist with any requests, from simple direction to borrowing item during a visit, include sound-blocking headphones or large prints guide, that helps me with the transitions and to explain him what come next.
One of the most amazing adventure was the Spider exhibition, which will run in Rom museum until January 6, 2019.
My son Tom had such a great time exploring these extraordinary creatures, he was fascinated by hundreds of live and dry spiders, tarantulas, scorpions and the notorious western black widow spider. Also the interactive games and the live demonstrations makes him so enthusiastic and it encouraged him to keep exploring about the variety of species and to learn more about the life of these mysteries animals.

For us, one of the amazing discovery was the fact that scientists explain how spiders use static electricity in the atmosphere to ‘fly’, and how research is focusing on replicating spider silk for use in heart surgery.


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