Relaxing weekend

 I can’t believe my days in toronto are coming to an end. This chapter in my life is almost over, I am starting a new adventure: new place (Luxsemburg), new language and of course new clothing stores (which mean new purchases…:)) maybe I will even start to write in German or french … who knows?!?! I can’t help but thinking that this might be the last time I am sitting in my favorite coffee shop, the last time I am walking in the cool downtown streets or the last time I am doing shopping in my favoirte local fashion stores. 

I am so busy with all the moving, so It’s really hard to find the time to update a new blog. The last weekend I have tried to relax and to enjoy some quite and quality time with my family.

quality time with a cheese cake

 I wore my relaxed fit pants with a bustier tank in snakeskin print, which balance the outfit and make it look a little bit sexy, but not over the top. The ankle grazer length and the classic silhouette of the pants, gives casual sophistication to this outfit.



Blazer: Urban Outfitter (from last summer), Bustier: Talula, Pants: Wilfred, Sandals: Aldo, Bracelets: Forever 21, Bag: Nine west:

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