Red hot winter

Lately, I feel quite tired from the gloomy weather. It’s a depressing combination of a rainy day or snow day or  two of them together. Although I can not complain, couse Toronto’s harsh winter has not yet arrived.

Day by day I feel  the urgent to freshen up with the colorful spring wardrobe and abandon all the winter clothes.

My inspiration to the red pants was taken from the young line collection of Marc Jacobs- spring 2012. The collection is characterized by easy-wearing silhouettes and sportwear style, in  colorful, mostly of red, green, blue and orange cloth, as well as combinations of prints and stripes.

To keep the look clean and classic, I combine my pants with a striped shirt and a black oversize jacket from BCBG. I chose peep toes shoes instead of high boot, because I did not want to creat a busy look. maybe It’s a special wish (and impossible one) that my aperance will bring the spring to Toronto.


Breclet: French Connection, Shoes: Michael Kors, Shirt & Jacket:BCBG, Pants: Topshop