Polka dots and abstract floral prints

As you can see from my previous post, I love prints in any shape and size. My favourite prints is polka dots and florals (actually leopard prints can works too… ) I couldn’t make up my mind which kind of prints to wear, so I decided to wear them both! I don’t believe that there are rules of what goes with what. It’s good to try on clothes and find new combos. Sometimes you will be surprise by how unexpected mix of prints can look great together.

 I decided to take a risk and wear the abstract floral printed blazer with a polka dot dress, which I wore as a top. The faux leather baggy pants gives a little bit of edginess to the cute prints.Because of the roomy silhouette, I tucked in my shirt/dress. This allowed me to emphasized the waistline to create an effortlessly stylish look.

Shirt (Dress): Topshop, Blazer: Club Monaco, Heels: Aldo, Bag Marc Jacobs


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