Poches & Fils – my new T shirt

Fashion week is already over, and I am so happy to return back to my comfy jeans and T shirt. Recently I discover a creative brand called Poches & Fils, who offer great selection of  T shirts with unique and beautiful pockets with printed patterns. I love the funky and fun designs, that remind me that we don’t need to take fashion too seriously, since fashion is all about fun and creativity. 

t shirt

Poches & Fils established in Quebec, Canada and also available online. The wide range of design pockets are suit for men, women and kids, and comes in several option: v-neck or round neck, tank tops and sweaters, and also available in different colours like white, black and grey.   

My favourite  T shirt is the peacock prints because the colours are so vibrant and perfect for spring. You can pair it with any look, jeans, shorts and even with a pencil skirt for a classy yet cool vibe.

t shirt details

t shirt poches and fils

t shirt poches

t shirt pouch 1

t shirt details 1

Shirt: Poches & Fils, Jeans and Shoes: Zara, bracelet: Forever 21,

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