Pants that look like a skirt

I found a suitable solution for days when I wondered whether to wear a skirt or pants:  pleated flowy pants, with super-wide leg. At first glance it looks like a maxi skirt, but with all the benefits of wearing pants: fit great and can easily make you look dressy and chic but still comfortable. Especially becouse the pant has an elastic waist.

I usually don’t buy the same item in different color, but this time I made an exception. Today I went to Zara to check their new markdown, and I saw the same pleated pants I own, in mint green. I fell in love once again, this time with the price as well- 39$ instead of 79$. I know I can make a use of it since  it is versatile and easy to wear anywhere and with everything. (I always find an excus to spend more money, even if I can’t afford it…)

Pants: Zara, Top: Topshop, Shoes: Urban outfitters, Cluch and bracelet: H&M

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