Pajama Party

There is nothing more fun than walking in the streets with comfortable pajama pants, without feeling any guilty. Apparently laziness can also be chic. Loose pants, made ​​of light flowing  fabrics , are an interesting and more relaxed alternative to the classic-tailored trousers.

Many designers such as Celine, Stella McCartney, Michael Kors, Rachel Roy used the bedroomas as a  a main source of inspiration . It appears that someone there was very tired when the working on the spring collection was created…

This effortless-chic look of” just got up from bed”,suitable for a relaxing afternoon in the fresh air, but  it is not limited only for that. By wearing heels and clutch, it can easily modified to an eveing sophisticated and feminine look.

I must say that I was not completly sure whether to buy the “pajamas” pants I saw in Zara. I end up by purchasing  them . This is certainly out of my comfort zone, but on the other hand, I like  to take risk in fashion and experiment with new trends. I wore the pants first time in the park near my house, while my son was riding a bike. This experience will certainly not be the last. I’ve already decided what I want to wear with these pants next time, and it will probably be any time soon.



Pants: Zara, Top: BCBG, Scarf: Club Monaco, Shoes: Topshop

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