chic cafe

Last weekend was cold and snowy, but on Sunday the sun finally emerged from

the clouds and the sky was blue (Do not be fooled as temperatures were still below zero).

Caressing rays were adequate excuse to finally go out into the cold.

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white morning

Winter weather arrived as expected. Yesterday it snowed all night and this morning when I woke up I saw that our yard was filled with snow. The white snow covered the tops of the trees, rooftops, sidewalks and the edge of roads is certainly a spectacular, exciting, especially for someone like me who is used to sun shining through the window almost 365 days a year (Except for some gray days of rain).

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It only looks expensive

This week I discovered the shop Forever 21. It’s not that I never heard about it before, but never tried to make my way through all the teenagers waiting in line for the changing room, not to mention the next step which is waiting in the line to the cashier.

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The real winter is upon us

The autumn was over, and the naked trees left orphans after the service the last of them, are proof positive that the snow is going to take everything good. Which means I’m not going to run more high-heeled shoes or boots to show off my new fashionable purchased last trip to the United States.

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Temptation Sale

Christmas is upon us, which increases automatically for the holiday shopping obsession.

Clearly excessive consumer culture also directly affect me. How can you remain indifferent to any signs SALE perched proudly on the shop windows. I work in a large shopping center which forces me to deal every day with the constant desire to unleash it and just buy, buy buy …

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