My asymmetrical skirt

I love the asymmetrical skirt that has become a must have fashion piece . I admit that this was not love at first sight but I can definitely say that upon a second and third I started to think otherwise. This unusual item is actually more interesting version than the conventional Maxi-skirt. Appropriate solution to the dilemma whether to choose a miniskirt that revealing legs or to get boho-chic style by wearing long flowing skirt.

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Love is in the air

I do not remember the last time I celebrated Valentine’s Day, but yesterday something was in the air, that made me conect my to romantic side. It was a perfect day to wear pink and red without getting caught too kitschy

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Lace and cup of coffee

 There’s nothing like a day off in the middle of the week, especially if you have a partner to share the wonderful moments with you . This week my husband joined me to the fast marching toward our favorite coffee shop –  Bulldog.

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Red hot winter

Afrer one year break, I went back to school. Although I signed up for one course only, I still have to get used to the idea that now I need to spend some time for study every weekend and be prepared to the next lesson , which certainly would reduce the number of times I’m writing

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layers in style

Unfortunately, I have no car yet, so it’s take me about 10 minutes walking to get to the closet subway station.

It’s not that I’ve got a problem with walking ,when the weather is nice outside, I even prefer to take a walk instand of driving in a car to everywhere (that’s why I live in a city not in the suburbs).

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chic cafe

Last weekend was cold and snowy, but on Sunday the sun finally emerged from

the clouds and the sky was blue (Do not be fooled as temperatures were still below zero).

Caressing rays were adequate excuse to finally go out into the cold.

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white morning

Winter weather arrived as expected. Yesterday it snowed all night and this morning when I woke up I saw that our yard was filled with snow. The white snow covered the tops of the trees, rooftops, sidewalks and the edge of roads is certainly a spectacular, exciting, especially for someone like me who is used to sun shining through the window almost 365 days a year (Except for some gray days of rain).

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