Old is new again

Recently I found myself shopping in my own closet, trying to find old bargains, that can be wear again. Needless to say how many items I have collected in all these recent years. Among all the stuff, I found this tailored blazer, which I got few years ago when I was working as a stylish at BCBG. This Blazer was neglected in my closet and I completely forgot about it’s existence.

I defiantly think that it’s not a bad idea to shop in your own closet once an a while, and getting a new wardrobe without spending money. The whole idea is to refresh your look and give it a new life, by adding new accessories like the statement ring and the wrap necklace which I got from Topaz.

Blazer is one of the most versatile item in your closet and never go out of style, therefore, it’s worth to invest on a quality one. this structured blazer is an essential piece which can upgrade any outfit and make it look more polished.

I admit that as much as I love wearing oversized pieces, sometimes I feel like my shape gets lost in all these layers and easy breezy fabrics. I opt for a belt which add more definition to the tailored blazer. I wore it as a top, without a shirt underneath, trying to keep my look simple but still playful.

Blazer: BCBG, Skirt: Club Monaco, Boots: Aldo, Necklace and ring : Topaz Jewelry

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Love my La Petite Robe Noire from Guerlain

Truth to be told, on a daily basis I don’t wear a lot of make up simply because I am too lazy sometime, however I do think that make up is enhancing the natural beauty of a woman, especially if you are using a high quality product.

Few days ago, I received a package which contain make up products as lipstics, nail colour, blush and mascara. All of them are  part of the new line of makeup from Guerlain called La Petite robe noire.  Needless to say how excited I was, since Guerlain is my favourite brand and not only that, but the new line includes vivid and cheerful colours which totally put a smile on my face. There is nothing like a pop of colour to refresh your outfit and to cheer you up on these freezing days.

The collection includes wide new range of shades of lipsticks and nail polishes, all with a glossy finish and stunning packagings that remind me of their famous perfume.

“La Petite Robe Noir” is all what a girl can dream of. The lipstick shades come in bright shiny texture, one layer gives your lips a glossy touch, while two layers or more create a bold and sophisticated finish. I love the idea that the formula is deliciously perfumed and the ultra shiny finish stay all day on your lips, giving you a pure glamor boost while hydrated them.

As for the nail polish, I simply adore Guerlain’s creativity, the nail polish packaging looks like a miniature perfume bottle with its lid in the shape of the famous upside down heart, which they heart creates for the fragrances. I must say that the beside the irresistible vivid colours, the quality is not less important when you choose a nail polished and these ones don’t chip, it is easy to apply and dry fast, which is great for busy mom like me…

I am obsessed with the Mascara of La Petite Robe Noire because it’s like all in one formula. It reaches every single lash
individually and open the eyes without leaving smudges or flakes. I love the fact that it adapts to suit every style, from
the most natural  lashes look to the most glamorous ones.
The body of brush is used to volume, curl and lengthen and the purpose of the round head is to reach every lash one by one.

I am so happy to announce that these wonderful products of the new luxurious line: “La Petite Robe Noir” can be yours! All you need to do is go to my Instagram account at tag 2 friends, who love this line and be interested in the contest. You will have the chance to win selection of La Petite Robe Noire Products (100$)

Please note that these products sold in preview at Sephora until April 1 st.



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Choker with a blue touch

From the cool-girl vibe to the ’90s grunge style, the choker seems to be a trend the can suit any girl or any style. The good new is that the choker doesn’t go anywhere anytime soon, furthermore, recently there are so many different varieties that you can select from: Bold, Dainty, Lace, velvet or lace, anything goes. Just pick your favourite one.

Ettika is a Jewelry online company that carries variety of chokers with a bohemian chic vibe, which is definitely reflect my own style. I choose a choker with this cute bow detail in black and gold.

I think that statement accessories can be merged into simple look to add an element of fun and uniqueness. I love how the choker pop up against the electric blue colour, giving it another dimension. Of course for a casual day look, I dressed it a bit down with these winter lace up boots and finished it with an oversized cardigan.

Cardigan: French Connection, Skirt and top: Cos Stores, Boots: Nine West, Choker: Ettika,

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Slip dress over turtleneck

Slip dress can be worn in so many different ways and therefore it’s one of my favourite trend. Needless to say that I am a big fan of layering, especially during the freezing winter. Even so, I must say that recently the weather became quite mild in Toronto, which is great!!!

Since slip dress is an easy piece that can take you from winter to spring and from day to night, there is no doubt that it’s a must have piece in every fashionista’s closet. The luxurious fabric is versatile, feminine yet edgy.

To balance the lingerie inspired fabric, I wore it with a knitted turtleneck, the shiny and soft material looks perfect with cozy textures as chunky sweater or turtleneck. I finished the look with statement necklace from Cos and gold bracelet from Topaz. These red boots are also great way to add a fun statement to the entire look.

in my opinion, all the little details define your own personal style and distinguish yourself from others. At least, this is my way to embrace my own individuality throughout fashion.

pink bandage dresses

Dress: H&M, Top: Club Monaco, Veil, Boots: Zara, Bag: Coach , Bandage Dress: BlushWish Necklace: Cos, Bracelet: Topaz Jewelry


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Sweater Weather

There is nothing like a wooly oversized sweater to warm up the cooler month, so when I saw this sweater from French Connection, I knew I will be living in it all winter long. I love the texture and the soft wool, which is so comfy. True to be told, I can’t wear a sweater that itches even if it a good looking one. I happen to have few knits that I barely wore because I  couldn’t stand the feeling of them, when it touched my skin.

To balance the oversized silhouette and to add some edginess to my look, I paired it with skinny jeans, that have these fringe details in the bottom. These sneakers with the high top cut are a cool alternative to ankle boots and they provide maximum comfort.

Sweater: French Connection, Sneakers: Adidas, Bag: Aldo, Jeans: Zara


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Winter life

when it comes to winter look, I am always trying to think outside the box, like mixing different textures together and playing with proportion, by paying attention to all the little details. Truth to be told, being a fashion blogger means willing to pose for photos outside in frigid temperatures, wearing heels and dress and pretending like you are not freezing at all. Well, I can’t deny it, sometimes I have the urge to show off my outfit underneath the heavy coat. The result is sacrifices my warmth and comfort for few moments and hopping that I am not going to catch a cold…

Anyway, here is what I wore underneath my Uniqlo coat in my last vacation, strolling through the charming streets of Old Montreal with my family. This look is all about effortless style, which is comfort yet polish. The timeless fur vest get a fresh new feel with the feminine blouse, that features delicate ruffle detailing along the sleeves and of course well-matched accessories to complete the outfit.

Coat: Uniqlo, Pants: Zara, Bag: Coach, Blouse: Club Monaco, Fur vest, Boots and Hat: Topshop

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NYE Look – it’s all about the details

It’s officially freezing outside and all I want is to wear a big chunky sweater that will keep me warm and cozy, but with all do respect, there are some exceptional – The holidays season. How can you celebrate NYE without dressing up or wearing a statement piece of jewelry? It’s one of those days that you can glam up your look without feeling uncomfortable, go all the way with your fancy style.

This year I decided to celebrate NYE with my family in an Italian restaurant, I didn’t want to look over the top, but I still felt that I need to add some drama to my look, which included floral jumpsuit and fur coat.

One of the way to do it is by wearing a statement accessory that can enhance your style and create your own signature. Bold necklace like this Topaz choker with tassel details, will inject some glam in a victorian way to your evening look and will bring your look to the next level. Another option is to choose a statement ring that will draw attention to your hands ,especially when you are holding your favourite cocktail drink. This eye-catching ring stole my heart. It gives some pure fun to your outfit and in my opinion, the bigger and brighter, the better. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone from time to time and think outside the box, especially in festive events.

Jumpsuit: Club Monaco, Fur Coat: Mango, Heels: Zara, Necklace and Ring: Topaz

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The perfect holiday in Corporate Stays

The holidays are a great time for family bonding activities, either if you are celebrating Hanukkah or Christmas, one thing is for sure, there is no perfect way to do it rather than take a family vacation.

Last week we decided to take a quick break from the stressful daily life and go on a holiday vacation in the charming city, Montreal. Since I am a big city girl and so do my family, escaping from one big city, as Toronto, to another magnificence one, sound like a good idea. To fit our needs, we were looking for a roomy space in the heart of the downtown,with parking nearby and which will also be in a reasonable price. Needless to say that it’s not an easy mission. I was so glad when I came across the company Corporate Stays,  luxury rental apartments, which suit perfectly to families with kids. I love the idea that it has all the facilities hotel has to offer,like swimming pool and gym, with the convenience of fully furniture apartment, including a private underground parking (no need to worry about finding a parking spot).

We stayed in Corporate Stays for three amazing nights, that were totally what we needed, re-energize our mind in a modern yet cozy loft. If you are looking for a boutique hotel, this is the perfect place for you when you are visiting in Montreal. I am really admired from the design stylish room with the attention to all details. Full kitchen, a washer and a dryer, 42” flat-screen television, with cable and DVD player,luxurious Queen bed, hair dryer  and hair systems toupee and one of the most important thing for me, a roomy closet for all the pieces, I brought with me. It is like an AirBnB apartment but in a luxury hotel way  (a 24/7 emergency line and an office located inside the building for any question or assistance). Another plus, there was a little desk in our room with super fast WiFi, so my husband and I could worked effectively and catch up with our latest emails. could I ask for more?


Every day in our vacation, start with cuddling in the bed with my kids, while staring at the wide window, seeing the snowfall on the beautiful city. My husband cooked a delicious breakfast for us, thanks to the fully equipped kitchen and I was in charge of bringing the cappuccinos from the restaurant-coffee bar called Fiorellino, which was just around the building. If you are a pizza lover, this is the place for you! The chic and modern place which function as a snack bar by day and as an Italian restaurant by night, are having one of the best pizzas I’ve ever tasted in Canada.

Here are some great moments from our dreamy vacation, Seeing these pictures defiantly make me wanna go back in time…

bob wigs
What I wore: Necklace and bracelet: Topaz
Blue sweater, fringe skirt, wool jumpsuit and silk top: Club Monaco
Shoes: Zara
Bob Wigs: Addcolo
Green sweater: Topshop
Clutch: Michael Kors
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Holiday Gift Jord Wooden Watches

The holiday season is the best time to spoil the special man in your life with a timeless gift. This year my mission was hunting for one of a kind watch that will fit my husband lifestyle. A high quality watch was my first priority, but I defiantly was not willing to compromise on the modern design.

You can guess how excited I was to partner up with JORD, their luxury wooden watches was exactly what I was looking for as a holiday gift. Jord wood watch is the perfect combination between functionality and uniqueness.

The American brand JORD carries wide selection of luxurious sustainable wooden watches, made by artists and designers. The modern sophisticated designs along with the high quality materials, which are also eco-friendly, making each timepiece truly special and individual. I was debating between several unique wood material such as Maple, Bamboo, Koa and Olive, but I finally picked up the Sawyer series Koa and Bronze. This particular watch has a muted tan tones shine metallic in the natural Koa wood and saturated bronze face. It is also containing 26 jewel multi-function movement with power reserve and a sapphire crystal combine with natural hand finished wood. In my opinion, the earthy tones and the cool design can blend perfectly with my husband’s wardrobe, from his daily business meeting to his sporty lifestyle.

My husband’s face, when he got the watch, said it all – He was really pleased with my choice and it was defiantly made my day!


I am so happy to announce that JORD and I are hosting an instant giveaway! All entrants will receive an instant $25 off gift code for a watch of their choice and one lucky winner will receive $100 off a watch of their choice!
You can find the giveaway link here.
The contest ends in Jan. 01, 2017
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Jewels with attitude -Topaz Jewelry

The holiday season is upon us, whether it’s Christmas or Hannukah, we are dealing with the same concern: What should I wear and how will I make my outfit stand out? In my option, Jewelry is not less important than the outfit itself, since it’s given the final touch and can lifts any look, especially on festive events, when you want to feel unique with one of a kind piece.

I believe that jewelry is a reflection of your personality and your style spirit, therefore it’s all about finding the right piece of jewelry that will meet your needs. I was looking for an elegant yet bold accessories, that will upgrade my winter day to day look, but will also look amazing on my black maxi dress that I was planning to wear during the holiday celebration. For me versatility is the key and that’s what leads me into this Love Lariat Necklace. This long black suede necklace with the gold plated discs, was exactly what I was looking for. It’s perfect for every occasion and season and you can wear them long, short, as a choker or even as a belt. the combinations are endless. In additional, the good karma message on the gold plated discs is like a reminder to preserve the positive energy. I paired it with a wrap around bracelet in black leather and gold plated pendent elements. I love the funky edge feel this handmade piece evoke and I also think that it creates a rich look in an effortless kind of way.

I am so happy that I came across with Topaz Jewelry, an independently owned boutique, which is already known name in Toronto. They carries a wide selection of designer high-end jewellery from all across the world, that will instantly upgrade your style, no matter what your preference. Their cutting-edge pieces, along with the high quality products and the friendly atmosphere, will create the best shopping experience and also will give you a lot of personality.

Now you can treat yourself with new jewel! For all my readers, you can get 20% on all collection online buy using the promo code: Yoman10

Necklace and Bracelet: Topaz Jewelry, Shirt and Pants: Zara, Coat: Topshop

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