Neon Beetlejuice

One of the most prominent trends this season are the pinstripe suits – black and white inspired by the cult film Beetlejuice from 1988, directed by Tim Burton. It’s impossible to miss the thick black and white stripes , their presence stands out among all pastels, neon and the floral prints that have been spotted everywhere. I admit that at the first time, I felt a bit insecure wearing this vertical big Stripes, but I fall in love right away. I wore my stripes pants in a previous post, now the focus is on my new shirt from Urban Outfitters. I wore it with a yellow neon tank top, to create a sophisticated and contemporary look. The statement necklace also added an interesting twist to the retro-style shirt.

I’m so glad that the spring weather  is upon us, the sun is out and the hours of daylight get longer. The spring renewal increase my positive feeling and also triggers me to refresh my wardrobe. I can obviously say that it’s synchronized with the blooming season. Refreshing my wardrobe is part of my routine, but now it’s strong than ever

Shirt and shoes: Urban Outfitters, Tank top: Forever 21, Pants: Mango, Trench coat: Bebe, necklace: H&M

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