My ombre shirt

This silk ombre top from French Connection is a prefect way, and also a fresh one to welcome the summer, even though the temperature dropped down drastically.Yesterday it was raining all day long . The first day of June seems like the first day of  fall….

My new ombre print shirt gives a fashionable relaxed look to any outfit. The moment I saw this beautifull piece in the store, I knew that one day it will be mine, and the sooner- the better! Apparently a lot of girls probably thought like me, there was only limited number of sizes left. I picked up the last 4 size. It was a little bit big … or maybe it should be loose… I don’t care as long as I can take it with me right away.!

This time I put together a comfy outfit, but I still wanted it keep my look stylish and playful so I wore my top with a floaty skirt  . For me when I talk about casual and comfort clothes, it’s never just about T shirt and sneakers

skirt: Club Monaco, silk top: French Connection, necklace and brecelet: Forever 21, cluch: bcbg,

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