Essential necklace for Spring- Summer

When it comes to jewelry, I am always tend to wear long necklaces, since it’s creates the illusion of length, especially when pairing it with a maxi dress or turtleneck shirt. I also think that long necklace is a a perfect basic piece for layering with shorter necklace. These are the little things that add your personal touch to an outfit and create a statement. 

Few days ago, I went to a fashion event of Made Inland , which is gathering together talented Canadian designers. The event took place in a stylish venue in the downtown, their aim is to support the local market, by introduce the designer’s new collection with a cool and fun atmosphere.  

necklace details

There were so many amazing designers, but one jewelry line really caught my eyes: Emily Valentine Jewelry.

Emily Jones is the designer behind the Canadian jewelry brand. I was fascinated by her collection which balance between modern and vintage. I love how the minimalistic collection gets this bohemian twist, just by using mixed metals and different elements, all in such an delicates and charming way.  

I choose this long statement necklace with the blue lace agate, because it can match my spring wardrobe, which contain  a lot of blue and pastels. This necklace is so versatile, since you can wear it long, or short, according to your style or outfit, simply by double it up.

casual chic look

necklace designer


necklace collection

Pants: Zara, Top: Mango, Bag: Betsey Johnson, Sneakers: Zara, Necklace:Emily Valentine 

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