my new Bzees Shoes

As you probably noticed I didnt write for a while, I had a busy schedule while I was staying in Israel, and unfortunately I caught up with a bad cold during the flight back to Canada, so I was unable to get up from bed for few days.

But there was something that really cheered me up when I arrived: the package I found in my door step, addressee for me. It was a comfort shoes from Bzees. Exactly what I needed. The perfect recovery for my legs after the long trip, which included long walking, exploring the city.

cozy casual

bzees and jeans

Bzees shoes are perfect for a busy moms like me since they weight less than six ounces and they are also flexible, what means that they allow me to wear them all they long. Also they looks great with any casual wear, and gives a fresh touch to any outfit. I love the fact that they keep my look stylish, yet sporty, so I will be able to run or even go with them to my yoga classes.

bzees shoes

casual look

bzees shoes light

casual look1

bzees comfy shoesShoes: BZees, Jeans: Zara, Knit top: Club Monaco, Cardigan: Oak+Fort




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