my backstage experience

Yesterday I attended a fashion show of Canadian designer – Roxanne Nikki, who introduced her new collection  in Jane Korkin gallery, one of the most impressive galleries in Toronto. The gallery retains the old line that characterizes the Victorian architecture. What excited me most was that I came as a dresser and confesses with the  autumn – winter Collection real close. Roxanne’s amazing collection takes inspiration from glam rock , by using velvet fabrics, synthetic fur and leather items including lots of pleated skirts and dresses and  long coat inspired by Matrix. The electronic music and the gallery’s unique structure also added dramatized and  mysterious to the collection


Obviously I could not take pictures of the fashion show, but here are some pictures of the backstage

Stacy, the model who I dressed up�

My incredible experience backstage as a dresser, has been possible through my styling studies, and if I mention the school, one of the advantages or disadvantages (depending on how you look at it …) is the proximity of Ryerson university to the Eaton Center. Subway exit leads directly to the giant H & M store, so I always find the time to check the store and sometimes also purchase one or two itemes, mostly accessories. Last time I managed to do all in twenty minutes -a quick scan of the store, waiting in the line to the fitingroom and then the to the cashier .I left the store with a big bag  , evidence to my shopping addiction,but this time without feeling guilty. I spent only $ 15  for pair of pants decorated with flowers pattern, en excellent item for the upcoming spring. It’s feels so good to purchase a trendy item in a  decent  price and with no regret after.



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