Mother’s Day – tips for fashionable moms

From the moment I become a mom, Mother’s day is a very special day for me. Motherhood changed my life and the way I see things. All these cliches of how having a baby change your life, is so true.

I admit that there are some difficult moments, busy and challenging situation that force you to deal with, but in the other hand, motherhood brings so much meaning and happiness into your life that it’s totally worth it!


Weekend is the best time to spend with my family. Now that the weather is warm and sunny, I can finally spend a quality time with my sons outdoor. Play- grounds are my favourite’s little one venue. I don’t mind playing with him, as long as there is no sand involved.

How to become a stylish mom

I believe that moms can do better than wearing over sized T shirt and tights. The key is to focussing on an everyday wear that will allow you to feel comfortable enough to run after your child, but in the same time stylish and put together.

Since it was still chilly outside when I took these pictures, I was wearing a comfy sweater with a pleated midi skirt, sneakers and backpack. Backpack is a great option for an active moms and it’s also very trendy this season.

Happy Mother day to you all 🙂

Here is my mommy outfit

mother day


fun day with my son
family time1

play time

skirtSkirt: Mango, Sneakers: Adidas, Sweater: Mango, Backpack: LF Stores


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