Latest fashion trends from WMCFW 2015

Unfortunately, Toronto Fashion Week for FW 2015 has officially ended. These five busy and intense days, were amazing. I felt like a real princess in fairy tail world. It was all about the glam side of fashion, without thinking about my most important duty, being a mom to two energetic boys.
After seeing the collection of the talented Canadian designers, I noticed what are the colours, fabrics and styles that were dominate on the runway.


My top 5 emerging trends for next fall from Toronto fashion week:

1. Shades of orange and red

Seems like orange is the new black next Fall and not only as a great TV show :). Dark orange hues seem to be huge on the runways.
Malorie Urbanovitch showcased a vibrant knitwear collection where the vibrant orange hue was dominated.
In Mikael Kale‘s collection the eye catching orange was integrated in variety of pieces as part of interesting textures. 
Tatsuaki‘s added a touch of this rich colour to his elegant collection while Kania‘s vibrant orange was part of her colourful sweatshirt line.

2. Fur is everywhere

The fur hits the runway in any version and shape. The touch of fur was mainly on coat collars and accessories.
 Mikhael Kale and Malorie Urbanovitch injected some colours into to their furs. On Mikhael Kale used on the hemlines while Malorie Urbanovitch used as trim. Hints of fur was trimmed on hoodies and vest also in The Wild NorthRudsak and more.
touch of fur

3. Shine on

All the metallic shades were dominated in the catwalk, from gorgeous silver to vibrant gold shades.
Pink Tartan and Mélissa Nepton had relived the disco days with shiny crop and wide trousers, while The Wild North showcase their interpretation to the seventies in a shiny long coat. Tatsuaki’s version to the shine bright was a gorgeous bomber vest.
shine on

4. Head to toe black

This is probably one of the most ethereal trend, but this season the Canadian designers created a bold statement by mixing different textures of black.
To bring life to the monochromatic look, Sid Neigum combined origami cuts and shiny fabrics in his sophisticated collection.
Hilary MacMillan created a jacket with a different Materials like leather and fur, which added a edgy touch to the feminine silhouettes.
Mackage used the same materials to balance hard and soft elements together and Mélissa Nepton added sheer and fur pieces to her relaxed wear signature line.
all black

5. Turtlenecks

This staple piece popped up in Toronto Fashion Week. Either layered or as its stand by itself. Melissa Nepton and Sid’s showcased high neck top which added a victorian feel. Vawk created his line inspired by 60s. This gorgeous high neck coat evoke this vintage feeling.

Helder Diego included the turtlenecks trend in their edgy cool collection.

From left to Right: Sid Neigum, Vawk, Helder Diego, Mélissa Nepton

 Photos taken by gettymages

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