Just another rainy day

There is nothing like a relax weekend with my family in a big modern city:Dusseldorf. The only thing missing was the sun.The rain was falling nonstop, but it didn’t  interfere my culinary experience: Mongo’s, a great Mongolian barbecue buffet and Wonton, my favourite espresso bar in Germany (actually not only in Germany… in Luxembourg too).

I decided to wear something comfortable that will allow me to walk down the streets without ruining my clothes (ok… so my suede booties was the only item that was in danger to lose his attractiveness and become a neglected pair, but luckly it’s survive). I love wearing relaxed boyfriend jeans with a feminine piece like heels or  classy blazer. It’s create a stylish and cozy look at the same time. I recently purchased this tribal print scarf  from Zara, to add more interest to the entire look and also to hide my growing belly… 🙁  Have a great weekend!

Jeans: Mango, Coat, Booties and Scarf: Zara, Sweater: Massimo Dutti, Bag: Michael Kors



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