It only looks expensive

This week I discovered the shop Forever 21. It’s not that I never heard about it before, but never tried to make my way through all the teenagers waiting in line for the changing room, not to mention the next step which is waiting in the line to the cashier.

In most cases, I gave up after few minutes, even before the first step and leaving the place immediately.  

I made an exception this time and I decided to check this crowded and noisy shop.

To my surprise, I discovered that the department accessories have a huge selection of unique jewelry and in a descent price.

Their price ranges were within $2 to $17. I started collecting the bracelets and necklaces which caught my eyes. For a moment I felt like shopping in a grocery store. Instead of collecting foods – I started collecting the jewelries.
I stood up in a long line, together with all the excited teenage girls with companion with their friends or their mothers.

At the end of the process, I left the shop happy but exhausted with 3 bracelets and one necklace that cost in total around $30 and believe me they do not look cheap, especially when I combined them with my clothes.

Dresss- CLUB MONACO, Jacket- BCBG, Shoes- ZARA

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