Interview with the designer Zoran Dobric |WMCFW SS2016

Zoran Dobric is a young talented fashion designer who returned back to Toronto World MasterCard Fashion Week to showcase his Spring summer 2016 collection.  The Serbian designer, who born in Croatia, lived in London, UK and currently based in Toronto, created an outstanding glam collection which has a multicultural influences.  

I went to see his Spring Summer 2016 collection last Wednesday on World Master Fashion Week and I was completely amazed by his abilities to create an artistry and bold collections with futuristics twist, which is still super feminine and soft.  

wmcfw Zoran Dobric

My Interview with Zoran

I was so glad I had the chance to make an interview with Zoran Dobric , in order to get more details about his designs and his current collection:

Is it your first time in Toronto fashion week? How was the experience ?

I showed for about 8 season until 2010.  After that I lived in London UK and now I’m back at WMCFW.

How do you describe your SS 16 collection and what is  your inspiration?

This season, I was intrigued by how people in the previous decades imagined the future.  The aesthetic of futurism was varied between the 20s to 80s, but there is an underlying aesthetic and naiveté about it.  This idea of retro futurism is embodied throughout the collection with a sense of humour, irony and glamour.

Many of the silhouettes are asymmetrical and oversize, with an emphasis on strong texture, contrasts and relaxed layering.

Which materials are the dominant ones in your current collection and what is your favourite fabric to work with?

To explore this concept, I experimented with current technology and developed surface effects using laser cutting, mirror foil prints, as well as sublimation and digital prints.  I hand sketched elements inspired by Art Deco architecture, Japanese, abstract and vorticist art, and meshed them together with tongue-in-cheek 80’s glam in his painstakingly created original textiles.  My favorite fabric is silk.

What is your target audience and market? 

My customers are usually very artistic and intellectual women who like to express their individuality and taste.  This person is opinionated and has a unique personal style.

What is your future plan as a designer ? 

I am planning to develop my international markets further by participating in international trade shows.


Zoran Dobric details ss16

Zoran Dobric detials spring 16

Zoran Dobric wmcfw

Zoran Dobric

Zoran Dobric ss16

Zoran Dobric wmcfw 16

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