Interview with the designer Golnaz Ashtiani – Spring/Summer 2016

Golnaz Ashtiani  is a well appreciated designer, born in Toronto and studied design in London. Ashtiani is well known in the Canadian fashion scene. She won the Toronto Fashion Incubator’s Best New Labels for her A/W 2011 collection. She launched her label ASHTIANI, which became a big success and was presented eight times at the World Master Card Fashion Week in Toronto.

I came across with Ashtiani’s designs and immediately fell in love with her modernistic and futuristic yet feminine designs. I adore her abilities to create an unexpected combination with a use of multi-fabric construction, influenced by the classic sport-luxe elements.


My Interview with Ashtiani

I met Ashtiani in backstage after her runway show to ask her some questions about the incredible collection.

1. How was your experience in Toronto Fashion Week?

It is my eight time in Toronto Fashion week, so there were no surprises, but I was so excited to reveal my SS16 collection in Toronto fashion week.

2. What made you decide to return back to Toronto (from London) to introduce your collection?

There is no doubt that London and Paris are great places to introduce the collection, but I personally feel that Toronto allows me to showcase my collections with the best team around me, and I also think that there are great talented designers in Canada.

3. How you describe your SS16 collection, and how is different from the previous collection last year?

SS 16 collection is less exaggerated yet very fresh,the shapes and silhouettes are more refined, and the colours which are dominant in my collection are the pastels.

4. What is your inspiration and what are the things that inspired you?

For the current collection, I am influenced by the early 90s with the image of an innocent girl on my mind, the designs are still modern and playful.

5. Which Materials are dominant in your current collection?

The materials I worked with for SS 16 collection are mostly Organza and silk, with a combination of fabric and textures.

6. Who is your target market audience?

My target audience are urban cool girls who have a sense of style.

7. What are the key pieces from your collection for the SS16?

Key pieces this season is Organza and silk and mixing these sheer light weight fabrics together.

8. Why did you choose a studio presentation instead of runway show?

Studio is a perfect choice for my needs – The live presentation let the audience experience the mood of the collection in the best way.

9. What is your future plan as a designer?

My future plan as a designer is to keep doing what I love the most and bring my passion and joy every time to my designs.


ashtiani collection

ashtiani s16


ashtiani s

ss16 ashtiani


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