Interview with Serpent and the Swan|WMCFW SS16

Serpent and the Swan is an Australian boutique fashion label for men and women, founded by two talented sisters – Hayley and Lauri Smith. I went to see their SS 16 collection at World MasterCard Fashion Week, which they showcased their creative designs as apart of a group called Aussie Takeover for Convey, a Canadian boutique located in 754 Queen Street West, Toronto and specializes in Australian and New Zealand designs.


Serpent and the Swan

My interview with the designers

I started to follow Serpent and the Swan’s design just recently and I instantly fell in love with their visual aesthetic. I adore their individuality and the way they see fashion as a piece of art, inspired by the wild nature and the anatomy of living. 

To get to more details about the label Serpent and the Swan, I decided to interview the two creative designers: 

How Serpent & The Swan got started?

We decided to create our own fashion label after both of us were working in the creative industry for many years – Hayley head designing for global brands and Lauri creating limbs and monsters for various projects. we thought we should collaborate and create something truly unique.

The idea first came to us over a family dinner one night.  We decided to merge our creative abilities and backgrounds to create a label that is unique and expresses our joint visual aesthetic.

We both had full time jobs so every weekend we would devote to conceptualizing, designing & visualizing Serpent & the Swan.

Is it your first time in Toronto fashion week ? How was the experience ?

Yes, this is our 1st time in Toronto fashion week. We love Toronto, such a vibrant city! We actually have a little bit of our extended family living here too, which is great.  We were really happy with the show and think Convey Boutique did a fantastic job of putting it altogether.

How do you describe your SS 16 collection and what is  your inspiration?

We became obsessed with this adorable little moth called the Bombyx Mori which sparked off the inspiration for the collection which is reflected in our prints, colour palette and textures.  Moth’s also represent the idea of Metamorphosis so we played with that concept too in our silhouettes.

Which materials are the dominant ones in your current collection and what is your favourite fabric to work with?

Lots of leather and and interesting mesh layering pieces with splashes of a rich red. We also created a signature bone and moth print for this season. We love to work with mesh which has become an import part of the Serpent & the Swan brand.

What is your target audience and market ?

We have found that we have quite a varied audience (our customers has varied from ages 16 to 75 in the past) with most of our target market in the 25-40 age group. We suit anyone looking for something special that will last through the fashion trends and will be a quality piece you can wear for years to come.

What is your future plan with your label ?

We are starting to expand more into the overseas market such as Canada, USA and Dubai and we want to break into the Asian marketplace too. We have plans to open concept lifestyle stores so our customer and get the full Serpent & the Swan experience as well as expand our online presence and online store.

Beside the boutique Convey in Toronto, is there any other stores in Canada, which I can find your label ?

At the moment in Canada you can only find us in Convey Boutique but we also have an online store  and we ship to Canada too.

Serpent of the Swan- Che Rosales

WMCFW - Serpent of the Swan   Che Rosales

WMCFW SS16 - Serpent of the Swan   Che Rosales

WMCFW SS16 - Serpent of the Swan Photo- Che Rosales

WMCFW SS16 - Serpent of the Swan- Che Rosales

Photo credit: Che Rosales

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