Interview with Co Founder of The Wild North

I’m so excited to share my interview with the Toronto-based fashion designer Janet Han, Co founder of The Wild North.

Coming from a warm country, I am struggling to cope with the cold weather and snow. My challenge in Toronto was always focus on being fashionista also in extreme weather. Therefore, I was so happy to find The Wild North, an outwear luxury brand that offer variety of coats and winter outfits, that allow you to look stylish in any condition.

We met at the backstage of Toronto fashion week for a quick chat before her fashion show starts, in order to find out what is her collection is all about and what she thinks is the upcoming fall winter 2015 fashion trends for fall winter outfits.

the wild north tfw

Tell me about your company, What was your inspiration when you built the collection?

I  wanted to create a high quality winter outerwear collection that fits the Canadian winter. The main goal was to create a line which is suitable for the extreme cold weather in Canada, so you can enjoy all the winter activities while staying fashionable and up to date.

How do you describe your fall winter 2015 collection?

My collection is combination of artistic inspiration with functionality.

For Fall Winter 2015 I want the collection to be more environmentally friendly. My collection contains wild fur, 100% wool and leather, The men’s and  women’s jackets designed for outside activity such as skiing and snowboarding. 

What makes your collection stand out from the other outwear brand like Canada Goose?

I provide a unique collection with superior performance in cold temperatures by using different combination of materials as wool, cashmere and leather. The Wild North uses exclusively the finest materials, like the northern Canadian fur with down fill, so it ensure you to look stylish even on the coldest days.

the wild north wmcfw

What does your collection include:

My collection includes coats and jackets both for men and women as well as winter accessories such as scarfs and hats.

Who is your target audience? are you focusing only on the Canadian market?

My audience is people who want to look fashionable while enjoying the activities they love in the cold winter months.

Now I am focusing on the North America market. In the future my goal is to spread also to the European market.

Is it your first time in Toronto Fashion week?

The Wild North made the first runway at Toronto Men’s Fashion Week in February 2015. Now it’s the first time for showcasing both men’s and women’s collection at WMCFW and I am very excited about it.

interview wmcfw

The backstage- before the show:


My favourite coats from Fall 2015 runway collection:

wild north

the wild north woman

the wild north man 1

the wild north man

the wild north

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