Ice cream touch

This romantic-vintag Inspired, pleated skirt, is the one I admire the most. Even though I have plenty skirts with the same material and style, without no doubt, this won my heart. I just wish I had enough excuses to wear it more often, and feel like a princess in fairy tales world again and again and again..:).

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I wanted my look to be more playful and fun, it’s was done by adding  touches of colour and eye catching accessories, This way my lovely pale skirt gets instant energy boost and stands out against the colourful necklace and yellow bag (my new purchase from Mango). I can not overcome the ice cream and the neon colours that dominates the fashion world right now. You can not imagine how my wardrobe is become so colourful this season, on second thought,  you obviously can imagine….

skirt and shirt: BCBG, necklace and shoes: Aldo,bag: Mango, scarf: H&M

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