How to spoil yourself or your beloved in Valentine’s day

As a fashion lover I truly think that the devil is most definitely in the details. Outfit cannot be completed without a fine piece of jewellery. Are jewelries are women’s best friend? I defiantly think they are.

Now that the valentine’s day is just around the corner, you have the perfect excuse to spoil yourself or your beloved with a luxurious and original jewellery. A fine rich looking jewellery can make a remarkable gift for that special person in your life, and I also believe that this is the best way to celebrate an occasion, like the day of love.

I have been always fascinated by jewellery. The right piece can make any outfit sparkle and distinctive yourself from other by creating your own individual identity .

Jewellery for me is a piece of art, I adore bold and modern jewellery that allow me to express myself and creates a statement. When it comes to accessories, I always love to challenge myself, with contrast elements and blending the lines between daring and sweet. Recently I found some great jewelry pieces from several brands, here is one of them:

Jewelry of UNOde50, a Spanish jewelry brand, that delivering remarkable design, that make any accessories look like a real piece of art. The label carries only 50 units of each design to maintain their uniqueness.


Lady marmaladeThey have outstanding women bracelets like the Lady Marmalade which is one of my wish list for Valentine day. It’s not only an instant style statement, but also a perfect gift for celebrating this special day. The grey and pink Swarovski crystals are blending perfectly together and works great as an expression of love. I don’t consider myself a pink kinda girl, but I totally adore this little pop of pink, which is adding so much charm to this bracelet.

 The right accessory can upgrade your look, even in the most basic outfit, therefore I think that this ‘Under the sea’ necklace is a must have piece.

and love

This necklace is a classic piece that I would be more then happy to receive in Valentine’s day. The hand craft gold necklace with a pendant of male and female symbols is timeless and delicate. I love the simplicity yet the attention to all the little details. I am defiantly see it as a must have accessory in every women closet.
 necklace yomanchic
Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to show off your girly side, by going overboard with a bold and colourful accessory. It is the best timing for wearing a kitschy jewellery , but keep in mind to let the rest of your look simple and sleek.

This necklace which I wore with a white dress, is an example for a statement necklace in bright pink and electric blue, it can upgrade your look and bring out your sweetness in your special day.

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