Go green

Recently I have been determined buying pieces in vivid green. Maybe It’s these freezing winter days that evoke my desire to inject some fresh colour to my wardrobe.

green cala fashion

If to be honest, it’s really hard to find the right shade of green, and the right piece that match you style and body type. Therefore I didn’t hesitate when I saw this green sweater in Cala Fashion (an Israeli boutique), I purchase it right away. I love all the little details that make this sweater so unique.

I think that green colour can add liveness to the entire look in the greyer months, and will brighten up your closet.

For a clean and casual look, simply wear it with neutral colours. Black, white and grey are the best choice, and they also combine perfectly with any other bright colours.




go green

green sweater



Sweater: Cala Fashion, Pants: Club Monaco, Bag: River Island, Shoes: French Connection

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