Give me colours

Lately, I”m working less in the store, but then I have lots of assignments to do for sdchool. The result – a long affair with the Internet and with art\fashion books,what comes at the expense of spending time under the sun.Who would have thought that in March the temperature will rise to 25 degrees in Toronto!
Yesterday I felt that I need to take advantage of the lovely sun before it disappears. Sunny day and flowery summer dress never looked better together.

Following my assignment in school, I had to select the video clips that affected me the most and influnce the fashion world and the pop culture. I realized how my style is influenced by the 80s – neon colors, high-cut jeans, boy-Friend blazer with sleeves rolled up, dots and flowers print. As a teenage, I was a huge fun of  Kylie minogue. Her image as the girl-next-door with her curly blond hair and her sweet smile , apparently had a significant impact on my own sense of style, her wardrobe back then is stil influnce  me nowdays.  (of course my style has been improved since then)

I chose to wear my new summer dress , that has a bold combinations of colors and floral prints, with the boyfriend blazer I bought long time in Zara (two years ago if you insist …). To give it a more casual feel, I wore the dress with lace camel booties, which added interest and another decade to the outfit (the 90s). Hope there will be more sunny days like this, so I can continue to wear  all this colours, I love so much!

 Bag and  Dress: BCBG jacket: Zara, shoes: Aldo, Bracelets: Forever 21
 .Finally, this is a link to the amazing video clip of Kylie Minogue – “In my arms” that was inspired by the 80s. Love the styling, including the colours and the graphic prints