From blue to white

The upcoming Israel independence day probably have an impact on my fashionable choices, Ther is no other explanation to the uncontrollable urge to my latest purchase – a light wash skinny jeans. The unique colour degradation begins from dark blue to almost white. I still do not know whether the item will be the beginning of a long friendship (and very closed one) or maybe it just a temporary crush, that will last only for the independence day celebration or in other words-one week.I must say that the  jeans that made by elastic cotton, prevents the toughness of the material, and it’s   flattering to the body, since it is not sitting too low at the waist.

 The fashion world this spring – summer 2012 had inspired by the deep ocean water, it is also evident in the dominant colour scale this season – blue, turquoise and mint. The combination of the Israel flag colours and the ocean colour seems harmonious and goes very well together. I wore thr blue and white jeans with the mint-colored long cardigan (wearing it already several times since the previous post). I loved the balance established between the edgy cool skinny jeans and the oversized soft cardigan. In order to give uniqness and sophistication to the outfit, I added chunky light brown necklace and brown lace sandals. The ocean colours combined with the shades of earth are in fact, the embodiment of nature. to complete the picture, the background was a tree, near my house, that finally was filled with a lots of green leaves.


Jeans: Zara, shoes and necklace: Aldo, blouse: BEBE, Cardigan: Urban outfitters

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