Floppy hat and sneakers

There’s nothing like a stylish hat to instantly bring your outfit to the next level, and this fall, the variety is huge, especially when it come to colours.  I feel that it is the perfect time to get out of my comfort zone and celebrate the season with all the beautiful colours it’s bring. Instead of wearing black or golden tan hat, I choose to add a blue one to my hats collection.

floppy hat

I paired it with a black sneakers, which is a another must have piece for this season (I am a big fun of this trend!) Integrate athletic shoes into any outfit gives a chic downtown vibe. 

the outfit

I am always trying to trust my instinct and mix different pieces together. In this look I’ve tried to play with proportion: Long Kimono with asymmetrical skirt, and mix things in unconventional way. I hope it works out …

floppy hat 2

sneakers 1

floppy hat and skirt

floppy hat 3

floppy hat 4


Kimono, sneakers and necklace: Topshop, Skirt and shirt: Club Monaco, Hat: Urban Outfitters, Bag: Olivia+joy, Bracelet: Forever21


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