Colourful Butterflies

Now I can take a breathe. The exam in the end of my course is finally over ! This morning I felt like I have butterflies in my stomach, I was so nervous. but now I really feel like a free butterfly,or I should say, free butterfly with a limited budget, at least until I get back to work on a regular basis. But until that happens, I will still keep my enthusiastism about all this vivid colors,from brights neon to sweet pastel that the spring accessories  has to offer: handbags, jewelry, shoes, sunglasses and even nail polish (there I found something cheap I can buy …) The great part is that the eyecatching accessories can add instant cool and uninqness to any outfit  a without any effort. a bright neon necklace looks great with white T-shirt and jeans. This is the perfect way and also economic one, to welcome the spring!

Cluch: Aldo, Top: BCBG, Necklace: Forever 21, Bracelet:BCBG


Cluch: Zara, Pants: H&m, Top:Zara, Blazer:BCBG, Bracelet: BCBG

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